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    Re: It's NAMM time again

    As a musician, I had the good fortune of being invited to NAMM a couple years back. It was a great convention. I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to visit and intermingle with musicians (both known and unkown) of varying calibers. And of course, the added benefit of not having to pay parking was a plus. But yes, there may very well be a spike in attendance at the parks (it's also MLK Day on Monday). Traffic will definitely be heavier, and the nearby Disney lots will be more full.

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    Re: It's NAMM time again

    Quote Originally Posted by Njdrummer View Post
    The Monday before or after should not be a problem.
    I just noticed "Tower of Power"(not to be confused w/TOT) on the Main Stage on Thursday,6pm. I could be very, very wrong, but I believe the Main Stage is in the lobby of the C.C. No badge required.
    From the map of the show, it looks like the Main Stage is OUTSIDE the convention center on the road that leads up between the Hilton and the Marriott. Man, if I didn't have class that night...

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    Re: It's NAMM time again

    Passed the ACC on Katella on the drive to work at oh-dark-thirty and the glowing electronic marquee was lighting up the entire street with the NAMM logo and dates. Didn't change at all as I passed like it usually cycles thru for other events. The whole place is lit up like Christmas at night with the addition of new permanent walkway lighting pylons. Another stage is being built outside the main dome near Katella.

    Just a few days before rock royalty descends on Anaheim. Gonna be a madhouse weekend for the area.
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    Re: It's NAMM time again

    I've been around the Resort during NAMM time. Gets a bit hairy on Harbor to further you go, but the park wasn't that bad, just a little crowded but we didn't get there until about 3-4. Not sure how it will be this year...

    Still waiting for the day I can actually GO to NAMM and not feel left out. I love how all the exhibitors taunt the non-attendees with "SIGNINGS" and "CHECK US OUT IN BOOTH XYZ" but I understand some of the exhibitors have fans that are actually endorsees and trade attendants...

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    Re: It's NAMM time again

    Quote Originally Posted by Ortizmo2000 View Post
    Also keep in mind that this convention packs the surrounding streets for blocks every year, and makes Katella a literal sea of cars. Bring an extra dose of patience if you plan to make it a Park day while this is going on.
    Patience? No, but I’ll make sure to load my arsenal with an extra amount of curse words if I’m sitting in that traffic.
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