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    Soundsational Broked Down...again

    As you can see from the photo that the Mary Poppins Float broke down today (1/16/13). The Performers were held up in the same place for 10 minutes. The last of the dancers passed by me and they were soaked in sweet. What does this mean for it coming out from its Referb during the holidays? (I did notice some of the smaller mechanics throughout the parade were up and running like the penguins were jumping the keys were going and other small stuff.
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    Re: Soundsational Broked Down...again

    Parades always break from time to time there get it fix and it should be fine by tomorrow night.

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    Re: Soundsational Broked Down...again

    I was SUPER excited that the penguins were jumping on the keys! lol
    It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".

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