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    Re: Replacement for Mupet Vision

    muppets 2 is coming soon so they may add muppet vision 2......

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    Re: Replacement for Mupet Vision

    Quote Originally Posted by G24T View Post
    Who's Line is it Anyway? PLAY IT!
    I love Whose Line! But I don't think it would catch on very well.

    And I second the idea that Muppets should replace Muppets.
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    Re: Replacement for Mupet Vision

    All in favor up updating Muppetvision say 'aye'...

    Honestly though. The computer animation in Muppetvision are pretty outdated at this point anyway... Let's cross our fingers the it gets the full-on Star Tours-style refresh!

    Side note... Do they ever roll Bunsen and Beaker out in their mobile device anymore? That thing looked so cool and I've never seen it in person...
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    Re: Replacement for Mupet Vision

    Wasn't there a concept some time a while back that proposed a copy of The Great Movie Ride from DHS but with The Muppets playing the characters in each scene? If something like that happened, I'd be more than okay with closing MuppetVision. They could just combine the current theater with Stage 17 and then really theme the exterior nicely to blend in with Hollywood Land!
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    Re: Replacement for Mupet Vision

    They will probably just update it like they did for Star Tours. And does anyone else actually miss the old Star Tours? Does anyone else feel like the new themes are kinda so-so, not exhilarating or epic like the original? And I'm not just saying because I miss being able to buckle my seat while saying to the girl next to me, "Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself." Okay, maybe I am...

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