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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Old Soundtrack

    Quote Originally Posted by Bongo View Post
    Why did I bring that up? Well, you did say,"as a fun reminder of what once was." So if you do come across the "Pirates of the Caribbean Unauthorized 37th Anniversary Collection", you won't pass up an opportunity to relive the past in a way you have never experienced before. Individual audio clips of even the little creaks of wood and individual singing pirates compared to a whole spliced and edited together version uploaded onto YouTube are two totally different experience, with me liking the former a whole lot better.
    I have the few disk set that Disney released a while back with tons of attraction soundtracks, but it's not what you're describing. I would indeed like to give a listen to the version you are talking about.

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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Old Soundtrack

    I used to have a CD with Fantasmic! soundtrack and the Main Street Electrical Parade. We must of got it when I was young and I loved that CD. I can't seem to find it...
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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Old Soundtrack

    For anyone curious, here's what one of the folders looks like from my Haunted Mansion Unauthorized 36th Anniversary Edition (Specifically Folder 2)

    Although I do not own the Pirates of the Carribean Unauthorized Anniversary Collection, I can assume that it would be set up much like this. Different folders containing different materials, like Folder 2 (As shown) contains nearly all the sound clips from the Haunted Mansion, while Folder 3 deals with foreign Haunted Mansions and Haunted Mansion Holiday, Folder 4 contains misc. sound clips like unused Ballroom Organ music, early, alternate, or different versions of Grim Grinning Ghosts, etc. If I did have possession of the PotC Collection, I could only guess it would be set up like that; different folders covering different materials and such.

    The more I talk about it, the more envious I am to own it

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