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    Fantasmic Proposal

    My brother (a huge Disney fan like me) is thinking of proposing to his GF. I saw this video a while ago and am wondering if anyone thinks something like this could work with Disneyland's Fantasmic? I know they have different set ups, but we live in SoCal so I think it would be too far for us to go all the way to WDW to pull something like this off.

    Walt Disney World Fantasmic Engagement - YouTube

    Anyone seen something like this happen before in DL? I'm thinking maybe we could get them the dessert package because I've seen the cast members there announce birthdays to the crowd during that, so maybe they could announce an engagement too?

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    Re: Fantasmic Proposal

    never seen it during fantasmic..

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    Re: Fantasmic Proposal

    I remember them having a band preshow for Fantasmic! years ago. But there is needing more preshow engagment.
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    Re: Fantasmic Proposal

    Back in 2006 was the last time I saw the Bands playing on the river before fantastic, I really enjoyed that and wish they bring it back.

    I hope during the current refurb they improve the fountains on each platform and maybe upgrade the lights to LED Pars.

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