Already I atempted it yesterday. Oh I'm Pooped! Lets just say I missed about 15 attraction in DL and 5 in DCA. I need more than 10 hours to everyting. I missed TSMM (broke down), Turtle Talk, Aladdin, Bread Tour, Grizzly River Run (Referbishment), and in DL I miss Rail Road, Captin EO, Innoventions, Pixie Hallow, Castle Walk-Through, Snow White, Pinnochio, Carrousel, Dumbo, Casy Jr., Toad, Mad Tea Party, Alice, Small World (Referbishment), Mickey's house, Minnie's Hosue, Goofy's, Chip and Dale, Columbia, Mark Twain (Referbishment), Tom Saywer's (Referbishment), Splash Mt (Referbishment), Big Thunder (Refebishment), Cannoes (Referbishment), Tarzans...But I did everything else. DCA: 5 hours and 20 minutes and DL: incomplete. Park Hours: 10am-8pm