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    Cool Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Nicole, I live in Oregon, and I'm 18. I've only posted on here a handful of times (using my first account... when I was about 15), so if I'm breaking any forum rules anywhere or if the post is too photo-heavy, just let me know because I probably have no idea what I'm doing

    And a little background information... my boyfriend & I have been together for just over a year now, but unfortunately he lives across the country. He flew over (for the first time) to see me and go on a 6-day Disneyland vacation with me. I've been to Disneyland tons of times but he'd never been, so we tried to get as much done as possible. Luckily for us, the week was incredibly slow and almost all of the rides were walk-ons.

    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2dshvlzq1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2dvfYS9j1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2dzpzntR1r30daf.jpg
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    Plane ride from Eugene to LAX

    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2dwzSZQZ1r30daf.jpg
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    Our hotel

    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2eeoZpo81r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2e50gYF01r30daf.jpg
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    We couldn't go into the actual parks until the next day, so after we settled into the hotel room, we wandered around Downtown Disney and had dinner at the Jazz Kitchen Express. I had the gumbo... it was alright but not nearly as good as the rest of the gumbo you can find in the resort.

    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2echZCGi1r30daf.jpg
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    First day in the park!!!
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2edlHynY1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2eesmuC41r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2ehkQPEi1r30daf.jpg
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    I would just like to add that the Jolly Holiday Bakery has the best iced caramel macchiatos I've ever had... and I drink a lot of iced coffee
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2el8zZVe1r30daf.jpg
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    I like the snow but one thing I can't stand is "it's a small world" holiday... in the end of January....
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2enooBDp1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2ep6nxfQ1r30daf.jpg
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    There'll never be a time when I come to Disneyland and don't get vegetarian gumbo from New Orleans Square
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2er9PM0u1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2etpZazw1r30daf.jpg
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    Flo's V8 Cafe chocolate milkshake
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2evldlBt1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2exatbL31r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2ez9QTz61r30daf.jpg
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    I wasn't a huge fan of the Little Mermaid ride at first... but it might be growing on me -- maybe
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2f0r8INZ1r30daf.jpg
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    Part 2 will be in a follow up post
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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Part 2
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fojBaDQ1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2f7acHTA1r30daf.jpg
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    Oh sweet height difference
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2faps0ar1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fcwzD3g1r30daf.jpg
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    Disney Starbucks!!!!
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fenzg0v1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2ffybLoR1r30daf.jpg
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    GRR is my favorite ride in California Adventure and it was CLOSED
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fi9ZQRF1r30daf.jpg
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    Carnation Cafe lunch -- I had the "Chef's Vegan Burger" and it was delicious
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fkojFue1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fl8oAut1r30daf.jpg
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    Him & I were both really surprised to hear "Wheels" by the Flying Burrito Brothers being played near the entrance to Carsland... who woulda thunk it?

    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fslSHQt1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2ftxLF7G1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2frzzGmX1r30daf.jpg
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    Likely to break a tooth on one of these babies

    ~ Day 3 ~

    After a breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fzcCFm61r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2fzpUyss1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2g5gtxPj1r30daf.jpg
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    I got the Monte Cristo and he had the short ribs. I took 3/4 of mine with me as leftovers (the starter gumbo was so filling but SO GOOD). I definitely won't be getting it next time... tasted too much like a corn dog for me. But that's just me.
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2gb8EHYf1r30daf.jpg
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    More photos a-comin'...
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Nice photos. Looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Looks like you like you kids had fun! Glad to hear you got to spend time with your BF!

    Also, it looks like Disney is growing on him. He started the trip with no smile but there is a bigger smile with every pic!

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Quote Originally Posted by Meville View Post
    Also, it looks like Disney is growing on him. He started the trip with no smile but there is a bigger smile with every pic!
    So true!

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2gt41iRl1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2gse6xH81r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2gwo3o9m1r30daf.jpg
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    Tortilla Jo's
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2gvqrU0u1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2gy4L67F1r30daf.jpg
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    "Espresso Escape" (otherwise known as the worst stomach ache ever)
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2h04aKcE1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2h2cg4l71r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2h3k8tmV1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2h4gr9Ze1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2h5wRpN01r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hk32Cln1r30daf.jpg
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    (We both had disposable cameras as well as iPhone cameras and regular ol' digital ones)

    Last day...
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hajECnv1r30daf.jpg
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Size:  212.7 KB
    Don't apply lipstick a few minutes before you eat a breakfast burrito, duh
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hcmAhds1r30daf.jpg
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Size:  102.7 KB
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2henVMHT1r30daf.jpg
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    We didn't do much of anything on Friday besides eat excessively (thanks to some serious foot pain)
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2he5SXMm1r30daf.jpg
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Size:  215.9 KB
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2h8cEAwT1r30daf.jpg
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Size:  228.6 KB
    Thunder Ranch BBQ... something I will never be doing again... not worth the big time tummy troubles for the both of us (and I didn't even eat very much of it)

    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hkgUveX1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hqr7Inx1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2ht0BlSd1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hpmgtza1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hq2e8bo1r30daf.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hwgpxfb1r30daf.jpg
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Size:  74.2 KB

    This was definitely the most fun I've ever EVER had on a Disneyland vaction ~
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mh2hxf7odk1r30daf.jpg
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Size:  56.3 KB


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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Looks like you guys had a good time!, my BF hates Disneyland

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Y'all are cute.

    Love that "1st Visit" button! That's a really nice souvenir to treasure forever!

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    He just keeps getting happier and happier.

    Mission complete...

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    my fave was the picture of your shadows, love it
    Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Oh yay you finally smiled in the last pic!! Looks like your BF had a fun time. Cute pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    Looks like you two had a blast. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Merrily on our way to nowhere at all.

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    It looks like he had a good time! I love vacations where you can take your other half and show them something you love, and they love it too.

    I took by bf for the first time last year for his birthday and happily he loves DLR as much as I do! Unfortunately I didn't know about the 1st visit button or birthday button so he missed out

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    I promise I had a great time!!! For some reason I'm always all frowny in a lot of photos... no idea why

    He had been to WDW a couple times though!

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    Re: Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I

    You guys are so cute!! A lot of your photos are very retro/vintage looking and I LOVE it. Please let me know if that was achieved using a disposable camera (which I imagine it may have been). If so, I'm going to be picking up some old timey one use cameras for my next trip!

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