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    Princessess in the Rain?

    From what I read that when it rains characters can show up at the Opera House but what about princesses? I've tried researching but have only found when they came out at PFF, which of course is not there anymore. There's not enough cover for them at the Royal Walk so do they come out somewhere else? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Princessess in the Rain?

    Repunzel will still be out but the others will come out inbetween rain falls
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    Re: Princessess in the Rain?

    No they don't. I was there on Dec. 30th and it was raining for about an hour and none of the Princess will come out this was around 2:30 and the rain stop by 3:30 but the Princess didn't come back out until 4:45 cause they had the rain day parade and the skies didn't really look good that day and the CM's where to afread of the rain coming back. So no they will not come out when it rains. Also I when to the front of Main Street where the Great monets is at cause I figure that characters would show up there and none of them came out during the hour rain.

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    Re: Princessess in the Rain?

    Just got back from a morning trip to DL. It was sprinkling just a bit, but everyone was out.
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    Re: Princessess in the Rain?

    My random question is if it is raining and the Princesses aren't sent back to their castles, where do they go and what do they do? Anyone??
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    Re: Princessess in the Rain?

    ORWEN: Oh, didn't you know? They watch soap opera's and gossip about other Disney characters behind their backs. It's just like real life for them!!!

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    Re: Princessess in the Rain?

    Quote Originally Posted by iamdisneysgirl View Post
    I've tried researching but have only found when they came out at PFF, which of course is not there anymore.
    Fortunately, that will once again become correct information after the new Princess Fantasy Faire area opens!
    It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".

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