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    Re: If you were the CEO

    I'd like to see the dream suite better utilized. Somebody should be staying there 365. I'd also like to see one or two "cabins" added to the GC. They'd probably need to be done through DVC, but a ground level "cabin" of 1200sqft or so would be uber cool for those lucky enough to enjoy it. I think it would fit in well with the northern cali theme of it all. They could be technically within DCA, but no park access other than the standard resort entrance. Something similar for DL would be awesome too. Maybe apartments in NOS perhaps... 2nd floor units... I'd stay in one if I could.

    CM training, appreciation, recognition, etc. They do it for the love of Disney, not necessarily as a career (however many go on to make careers from it). Appreciation and recognition go a long way in morale and overalll behavior.

    A third park.... start buying up the surrounding realestate now....

    On flashes on dark rides, there's probably a way to install IR emitters which fool most cameras and make them not flash on the rides. Shame that people who invest in good bodies and glass to take ambient level photography get the same sneers and looks as those who use flash illumination.

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    Re: If you were the CEO

    I would do something for the Cast Members. At the end of the day, they're the ones who bring the parks to life.

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