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    Trip Report 1/14/06

    Ok, so since I had nothing else to do today, I thought I'd mosey on over to Disneyland. It was raining, so I thought that maybe this might be a added bonus; it was about 50/50. It was just a typical Saturday at Disneyland.

    First, I went to Disney's California Adventure. I only went to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area today. It had been awhile since I saw Muppet Vision 3D so I stopped in for a show. Funny as ever. I love the pre-show; hate to say it, but the pre-show is almost funnier than the actual show.

    Monsters Inc. was open for operation. I still have not ridden yet. The last time it broke down indefinetely before I even got inside. I didn't ride it this time because I'd rather wait to share my Maiden Voyage on Monsters Inc with family or friends. I was alone today, so it wouldn't have been as fun.

    Since it was raining I thought it would be the perfect time to ride the Tower of Terror. The rain would finally help the theme, especially for the Library. Afterwards I went to Disneyland.

    First thing I noticed was the Main Street Train Station. I looked up and saw a bunch of people on the right side of the station waiting for the train, but there was nobody waiting on the other side. Was the other side closed, or something, I asked myself? I took this as an advantage, I trudged up those steps (just as the train was coming too) and walked inside and I found that my assumption was correct. People were just being stupid and couldn't figure out that there are indeed two sides to the station. Even the bunch of people that went inside right before me went to the people filled line, while I went to the other side and waited. Even the people who went inside right after me went to the now long line of the other side. The Cast Member who opened the gate to let me on kind of gave me a look as to why I was the only one in that line. I said to her, "I know." So, I got on the train, practically had a whole car to myself because all the people on the other side were trying to find seats towards the back. Then I thought to myself, "Why did I get on the train?" I had gotten on the Disneyland Railroad not knowing where I was going to get off. Here came New Orleans Square and I didn't know if I wanted to get off. But then I just made the decision to just ride around the Park. And it's a good thing I did, something very interesting happened.

    As we made our way to ToonTown Depot, the train slowed down. Now, this happens almost all the time, the train slows down because the train in front of us hasn't left the station yet, so our train stopped. Typical, right? 15 minutes go by and everyone is wondering what the heck is taking so long? Then both Cast Members "conducting" the train walked to the two engineers driving the train and talked to each other. I was curious, of course. Then they announced that due to operational and technical difficulties, our train could not move forward. Our train was stopped right where the tunnel is before you reach ToonTown. They announced that we would be traveling back to New Orleans Square Station backwards! So, our train slowly traveled back down the track. Nobody in Critter Country, expept people waiting in line for Splash Mountain even noticed that the train was traveling backwards. The people waiting at the station was just as baffeled. What the heck happened? I never found out what exactly happened there, but it was interesting.

    Haunted Mansion Holiday is still going strong, with long lines. Pirates of the Caribbean was a walk on. And today, I finally got to hear a sound that I have not heard in ages: The Snowy Wind from Matterhorn Mountain. I was so thrilled. They turn that sound down so low that you can't even hear it unless you really train your ear to. But today, I heard it all too well. I could even stand by the Triton Gardens and still hear its eerie wind. It was great. Now, all they need to do is turn up the volume on the Abomniable Snowman so you can hear it from far away. All they have to do is get a recording, place a speaker towards the top of the Mountain and play it loud so everyone could hear his historic roar.

    And that's all I did today. Hopefully soon I will get to ride Monsters Inc.

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    Re: Trip Report 1/14/06

    lucky, i was at work! i cant wait to go while its raining.. best times ever.
    We're addicted to Disney

    I was there on May 5th, 2005! and July 17, 2005!

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    Re: Trip Report 1/14/06

    Sounds like fun!!!

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    Re: Trip Report 1/14/06

    Going backwards on the train??? That sounds cool.

    Bet that doesn't happen too often.

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    Re: Trip Report 1/14/06

    Thanks for the report. I love peoples reports. I also love to go to the park in the Rain.

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