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    Re: Anyone ever feel bad that they know more about the park than the tour guides?

    Quote Originally Posted by PragmaticIdealist
    Disneyland should never put anyone in that position if he or she is not fully knowledgable.
    You want the tour guides to have a reasonable set of knowledge. But there's just no way a 22 year old tour guide is going to match my knowldege. I've spent years learning what I know, and continue to spend many hours every week increasing that knowledge, either online or on TV or in books. I want a tour guide to know that the light on in the window of Walt's apartment is there as a tribute to Walt. But I don't expect them to know the exact location of Aunt Jemima's Pancake House, or the year that Monsanto's House of the Future was torn town. It's just not realistic to think that the tour guides are gonna be park geeks like us.

    I have no problem supplementing their information with my own when it's appropriate. But the people that really burn me are the ones who will ask a question because they know the answer and they're pretty sure the tour guide doesn't. It's just showing off at someone else's expense, and it's rude.

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    Re: Anyone ever feel bad that they know more about the park than the tour guides?

    oh yes we had one of those show off persons on our last 50th tour, I was sorta embarrassed for her . I am sure the guide wondered what the heck she was doing there , since ms know-it-all pretty much either grilled her on everything or expanded on every little tidbit and talked so much she pretty much ran the tour.

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    Re: Anyone ever feel bad that they know more about the park than the tour guides?

    Shouldn't this thread be subtitled, "You know you're obsessed with Disneyland when..."?
    You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking.

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