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    Re: A rule to make everyone have a better experience during outdoor shows

    I make it a point to hold my kids that way, and trying to be aware of the people behind me.

    Also somewhat related, but a bit off topic, on this last trip my wife was in a wheelchair, and this couple was standing between her and the rail in front of us. We simply asked nicely if they could squeeze over a bit so she could see through them, but they took the effort, and stepped behind her, because they could see over the chair and let her have front row view. They acted embarrassed that they happened noticed sooner, but they were a young couple totally into eachother up until that moment. It was totally awesome to see how some people react even better than you expect...

    My dad always used to tell me, it never hurts to ask, what is the worst that is going to happen? They just keep doing the same thing?

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    Re: A rule to make everyone have a better experience during outdoor shows

    If someone walks right in front of me - they had to have seen me. They just don't care that they are blocking my view. Asking them to move won't accomplish anything in that case. When I've tried it in the past, I've just received nasty glares.

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