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    Question The Original Cigar Store Indian

    Recently I was farting around on Facebook and one of my fraternity brothers posted a picture of his mother, his wife, and his kids with the Main Street Cigar Store Indian at Disneyland. He posted it with the caption:
    Such an awesome picture from Disney. My mom, sister and nephew. The Indian on Main Street belonged to my Great Grandpa.
    I asked him for a little more information. It seems that his great-grandfather owned a cigar shop on Colorado Blvd. in the first half of the 20th Century, and his Cigar Store Indian was the original used at Disneyland. He said that both the Main Street and the Frontierland Indians (as well as the ones in WDW) are copies of his great-grandaddy's original, and that the original is apparently somewhere at Disneyland. I did a little investigating, and some reports say that there were two originals and that one is now in a private resident in Orange County.

    Does anyone have any information on the current locations of the original Indian? Is it still in the possession of Disneyland or Imagineering? It'd be great if I could set up some kind of chance for my brother to actually see the original again.


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    Re: The Original Cigar Store Indian

    Very awesome! I would think that if the original still around it would be in storage at Imagineering.
    I would like to know more about this. Does anyone have a picture of the original they'd like to share?
    Little and broken, but still good.

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    Re: The Original Cigar Store Indian

    I thought the original one that was in front of the Main Street Smoke Shop is the same one currently on Main Street.

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