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    Exciting times! First trip back to Disneyland in Years!

    I wanted to first thank all of the posters on Micechat for their valuable insight and tips. Ever since deciding and planning our trip, this has been a daily stop! So much good info here.

    We are heading to DL in mid-April and it will be the first time for our daughter, 9 and our twin boys, 8! I am extremely excited and can't wait. The best (or worst) part is that we decided to keep them in the dark pretty much until we go. Talk about a challenge! They have been bugging us for several years now and haven't been able to swing it, but now we finally have the ability and we decided to surprise them. It really is a very special opportunity, for various reasons. I have even gone so far as to have a stretch-limo come to the house to take us to the airport, with the story in mind that we are going to spend the day in style for the boys' birthday!

    I was lucky when I was younger that my parents were able to take us a couple of times and I went back when I was older with my wife before the kids came along. I also was lucky enough to go to WDW 2 times as I had lived in Georgia at the time and it was relatively close. My wife and I also went there BK (before kids). I guess you could say we like Disney... Sadly, the last time we were in Disneyland, DCA wasn't open yet, just a big dirt pile in the old parking lot, so it's been awhile. With so much new to see, I don't want to miss out on anything and still be able to enjoy all my favorites. I know Cars Land will be a major stop for them, so I might as well write off part of THAT day! lol

    I have been able to find the answers to so many questions here to help me plan things out a little better, so I guess it isn't really a question, but if anyone has any ideas on some definite must-sees, please chime in! For us, this will be a once-in-a-long-time trip and I want to make it great!

    Thanks again to all the contributors and for a great site and resource in Micechat, I'm glad I found ya!

    Now... is it April yet?

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    Re: Exciting times! First trip back to Disneyland in Years!

    I'm very excited for you! I've often imagined surprising my kids with a trip to Disney World (since we live so close to Disneyland) and I hope it works for you. Either way, your family will have a lot of fun and make some wonderful memories. Just be sure to take and post a lot of photos. We all want to see them.

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    Re: Exciting times! First trip back to Disneyland in Years!

    That sounds like such a fun trip! Keep in mind that it will be the tail end of Spring Break, so might be a little busy.

    For Cars Land, make sure you get to DCA that day as soon as it opens and SPRINT to RCR to get in line and/or get a Fastpass. A lot of times, Fastpasses are gone for the day less than an hour after park opening.

    The "don't miss" rides for me at DCA are: California Screamin' (the coaster) Tower of Terror and Soarin'. I haven't been on Grizzly River Run because it was closed when I was there, but that is on my to-do list for this year. Bugs Land is almost solely for toddlers, so if your boys are older you probably won't do more than stroll through that. When we go, we ususaly spend 2.5 - 3 days at Disneyland and 1 day at DCA. With Cars Land, we may spend a little longer at DCS but not by much.

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