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Thread: small update..

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    small update..

    sooooo for some reason I can not upload photos onto micechat... and I actually took photos lol, anyways.. I noticed that the city hall Side Tunnel into the park was walled off... im assuming for refurbishment. Tea cups were closed and wall off as well. I read somewhere on here that the Tea cup outside the mad hatter was missing? its back. didn't snow whites wishing well and grotto just come back up from refurbishment ? the music was going off and she was singing but I guess the water levels low ? but the fish were above water, not singing and not spewing water. over in Fantasy Faire, the sign for the "Royal Theater" is up, looked pretty. again sorry for no photos.. ill try better next time

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    Re: small update..

    Yes tunnel is closed. Tea cups closed. Water is not running. and the sign is up. All normal as scheduled works.

    Tea cup came back a little while ago.

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    Re: small update..

    The water level is low because the work on Fantasy Faire. Disneyland has a huge water system and when the work on one area the rest of the water stops flowing and it because light green opossed to the dark green water we know the water would have been more dirty the normal. I guessing that there was just a problem with the music that day or they could had it off for something for Fantasy Faire. I will investigate next time Im there
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