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    Re: More Information of Wreck-It Ralph ride.

    If I had a choise of attraction maybe Absent Minded Professor or maybe new property
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    Re: More Information of Wreck-It Ralph ride.

    Quote Originally Posted by Disneylandfan85 View Post
    Wreck-It Ralph doesn't fit in Toontown, either. The main emphasis here is on classic Disney shorts. A ride themed to video games just seems out of place.
    Ah. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't spend much in Toon Town, but the time I have spent there has suffered from the utter lack of tender love and care that's evident in the land. I just don't get a strong feel of the story that it wants to tell. Is it the idea of toons coming to life ala Roger Rabbit? In that sense, a video game based attraction about an animated cast of video game characters with an identifies separate from their on-screen appearances seem to fit into that idea. That was basically my reasoning. But as a land that is portrayed solely as the world that the classic Disney shorts occupy with a focus on the environment and mood created by these short, I agree with you. Again, I really don't feel anything for Toon Town and I don't go there often. I think I would like it (and respect it) more if it was really more groundbreaking, unique, well-maintained, and you felt like someone really care a lot about its identity and its theme. I like some of the fun architectural and the overall whimsical feel of the land and the fact that it tries to be different and interactive, but I just don't feel any passion behind the concept or passion to keep that story going--so I don't really get an idea of what the land wants to be. Again, thanks for pointing out the thematic holes in my proposal. Now, if only we could all agree to stop shoehorning in attractions to places that they don't have any strong thematic ties to their proposed land and recognize that connection to theme and story (and how that story works in the land) are the most important aspects of an attraction, not the franchise, then we wouldn't need to have these conversations about which the "best fit (but not really)."

    I agree that it's fun to daydream attractions up based on movies that you love, but it boils down to the argument that loving a movie is no real justification for shoving it into the parks. Enjoy the movie, enjoy the alternate realities that it whisks you away to, enjoy getting lost in the Armchair Imagineered world of your attraction, but when it comes to talking about where an attraction could potentially be at the resort, you have to take into account the theme of the land and how the attraction fits into that theme, because it's that very element of the park that gives Disneyland its power. If it doesn't really "fit" anywhere, if it doesn't enhance the story of the land in any way, then it doesn't deserve a place in that land.

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