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    Re: Alright, rank your top 10 theme/amusement parks

    1. Epcot
    2. Disneyland
    3. Knott's
    4. Disney's California Adventure
    5. Magic Kingdom
    6. Disney's Animal Kingdom
    7. Universal Studios Hollywood
    8. MGM Grand Adventures (deceased)
    9. Sea World
    10. Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Many Bothans died to bring you these fastpasses.

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    Re: Alright, rank your top 10 theme/amusement parks

    I've only been to the major theme parks in SoCal, since I've never really traveled out of state. So, Disneyland's obviously my number one. For my second, I quite like Six Flag, because frankly, comparing what you get for your money compared there to what you get for your money at DCA... I would pick a trip to Magic Mountain. Regarding which park is an overall better experience, yeah, DCA has stepped up their game and has some really nice theming and some great attractions. But in my opinion, the price still isn't worth it. If I'm going to spend that much money, I'm going to spend my day at Disneyland--better theming, more offerings, it's simply a highly superior experience than the equally priced DCA. So, for my second choice, if we are considering price, I'm going to pick Six Flags, and DCA comes in third. The price for Six Flags is just so reasonable and I really enjoy their roller coasters--they're the best in SoCal. If I wasn't considering price, DCA would be in the second spot, and Six Flags further down on the list. But as it stands, price is a huge factor in deciding what theme parks I visit, so I can't really ignored it.

    The other SoCal parks I've only visited several times. I haven't been to Universal for quite a few years. The last time I went was the day after Revenge of the Mummy opened. I really want to go to ride Transformers, but the prices have risen to a pretty unreasonable price. Again, if I'm spending that much money, I'm going to Disneyland. So as far as theming, this probably would be third or so, but all things considered, it's fourth on my list. Knott's price is pretty darn reasonable, but there's nothing special about it really stands out in my mind besides some of the coasters, and if I really want roller coasters, I'm going to Magic Mountain. So Knott's takes fifth. LEGOLAND's prices are also really not worth what you get, and besides the really neat Lego displays, the park doesn't hold much for adults without children. They get sixth place. In last place is Sea World. I really can't respect them. The shows are indeed amazing, but after learning about whales and dolphins and how being in captivity affects them, I have to echo the concerns of animal activists everywhere. The exploitation and abuse of these animals for profits is disgusting. People may not agree with this view point, but it's important to me. Yes, these shows are amazing and if I ignored my personal sentiments, it would probably be higher. But again, I can't (and shouldn't) detach myself from my personal beliefs and viewpoints about the park's treatment of the animals.

    Moving on, I've also been to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk several times. Not exactly a "theme park," but it has some enjoyable rides, most prominently the Giant Dipper roller coaster--it's a really neat piece of history, as well as the Boardwalk's old carousel. Who else has been there?

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    Re: Alright, rank your top 10 theme/amusement parks

    Quote Originally Posted by RandySavage View Post
    I'm glad you listed them - found it very interesting. Having lived in the heart of Manhattan, Paris & Boston and intensively explored a number of the planet's great cities, I sometimes found/find myself wandering such places with a joyful sensation that's akin to the feeling I got as a kid in great theme parks.

    I don't think it is because cities such as London have built theme-park-like features (which they have), but because both great cities and theme parks emit overwhelming visual, aural and olfactory stimuli to the pedestrian. Something similar happened to me at the Grand Canyon Lodge, Mont St. Michel and other wonders, natural or manmade. Theme parks are often derided as fake or plastic when compared to 'real' wonders, but I think if really high-quality parks can evoke the same type of visceral reaction then there is a legitimacy and worth that ought not to be discounted.
    Eloquent, Mr. Savage! How cool that you got to live in Boston, Paris and Manhattan.

    I think the reason Disney is criticized as artificial is that parts of some parks are recreations of man-made places, so there is a double artificiality. The works or Mozart, Beethoven, & Shakespeare are all artificial. Long live great artifice!

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    Re: Alright, rank your top 10 theme/amusement parks

    Quote Originally Posted by Coasterjunkie View Post
    1)Magic Kingdom 2)Islands of Adventure 3)Universal Studios Florida 4)Disney's Hollywood Studios 5)Animal Kingdom 6)SeaWorld Orlando 7)Busch Gardens Tampa 8) Cedar Point 9) Kennywood Park 10) Kings Island. I've been to Six Flags Magic Mountain but that was in 2004 and I've never been to Disneyland, KBF, or DCA. I've been to four Cedar Fair parks, Cedar Point, Kings Island, Carowinds, and Kings Dominion, so I can only immagine what KBF must be like.
    Nice nod for Kennywood. It isn't without it's charm and likes to pride itself on being an old fashioned amusement park. The day I went last summer the crowds didn't seem all that thick but the lines were atrocious. Still an old park though since 1898.

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    Re: Alright, rank your top 10 theme/amusement parks

    Disney California Adventure
    San Diego Zoo (if it counts)
    Orange County Fair
    Humboldt County Fair
    Marineland (when it was there)
    Sea World San Diego
    Long Beach Pike (when it was there; a tad seedy but still a good place)
    Walt Disney World
    Santa Monica Pier

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    Re: Alright, rank your top 10 theme/amusement parks

    1) Tokyo Disney Sea
    2)Disneyland Paris ( Disneyland Park only WDS are crap )
    3)Disneyland California
    4)Disney's Animal Kingdom
    5)Islands of Adventure
    6)Europa Park in Germany
    7)Tokyo Disneyland
    9)Hong Kong Disneyland
    10) Six Flags Magic Mountain
    HKDL : Done !!!

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    Re: Alright, rank your top 10 theme/amusement parks

    Great Topic!!!

    1) EPCOT - Why? Because it's absolutely unlike any other park in the world. From the thrills of Test Track and Mission:Space, the awesomeness that is Nemo or SSE or simply spending the day walking around World Showcase. I can't think of any other park I'd rather spend a day at.
    2) Disneyland - I do have to admit Disneyland is slipping for me, or maybe I'm just "Disney'd out". But it's hard to not like a park that has Pirates and Haunted Mansion in it. Not to mention the DLRR.
    3) Busch Gardens Williamsburg - The perfect blend of theme and thrill. Only EPCOT (and Gilroy Gardens) have more beautiful gardens, most of their rides are blended perfectly with the park, have amazing shows and food. Only the Italy section stands out as not being as well themed as the rest of the park.
    4) Hersheypark - An amazing "amusement" park, has a lot of great thrill rides but also has a tremendous mix of things for families to do. Not to even mention the chance to take your picture with a 6 foot Reeses or Hershey Kiss.
    5) Knoebels - A traditional amusement park in the truest sense of the word. The best park food outside of EPCOT. It's probably close to impossible to go to Knoebels and not have an amazing time.
    6) Islands of Adventure - The only park that comes close to Disney in terms of themeing, and now it may actually be surpassing Disney in many ways. And I'm basing this all off of my visits prior to Harry Potter (since I haven't seen HP land yet).
    7) Magic Kingdom - I know this park gets a LOT of flack but I absolutely love it. The castle is amazing, they have the better versions of Splash Mtn, Big Thunder, Space Mtn and Haunted Mansion. Peoplemover is still there and Rockets on the roof where they belong.
    8) Six Flags Great America - It's a hard choice between this and Six Flags Great Adventure but I think this park wins for it's sheer number of things to do. Sure it's got great coasters but they have a plethora of family rides, an amazing train (best one outside of Disney and Knoebels IMO) and the included AMAZING waterpark doesn't hurt either.
    9) Knott's Berry Farm - A few years ago this park wouldn't have even ranked in my top 20. Before 2000 this park would have ranked in my top 5. They are working REALLY hard to get it back in my top 5 but they still have some work to do. Haunt is obviously the star but their recent improvements to Ghost Town, the in-park food and Log Ride refurb are steps in the right direction. A thorough re-tracking of Ghostrider would be the thing that propels this park back towards my top 5.
    10) Universal Studios Florida - So much more amazing than it's CA counterpart. The MIB, Mummy and ET rides are pretty much worth the price of admission alone. With the upcoming Diagon Alley and Transformers (which is amazing) this park is quickly becoming even more awesome.

    Honorable mentions go to DCA, DAK, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Over Georgia and Kings Dominion.

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