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    Interview this Thursday! Advice?

    Hello everyone!

    I applied to Disneyland last Wednesday and after I had submitted my application, I received an email 5 minutes later for the web-based interview. I passed and scheduled my interview for this Thursday at 10 A.M.! My 3 choices were Custodial, Food, and Ticket Taker. My question to you, for those of you who have had interviews here, is what are the main questions they will be asking? Do you have any advice for the interview? What are the chances of getting hired?

    I'm very nervous and I thought this would be the best place to ask about this situation! I have prior working experience in the food industry, and I'm available on holidays, weekends, any time really.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read this! I'm excited and hopefully I'll be meeting some of you there!

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    Re: Interview this Thursday! Advice?

    Make sure to dress professional and to have copies of your resume just in case. I asked my brother the questions they asked him back when he was interviewed years ago and what he can remember is they asked previous situation question like "name a time when a guest or customer had a bad attitude or bad experience and how did you take care of the situation?"

    Good Luck on the interview and just be yourself. Get a good night rest and you should be fine.

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