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    Re: Stage 17 to occupy for a new Meet n' Greet?

    If you don't think this was good idea then just watch Capt. Hook here dancing with some kids here and stuff he did on his own.

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    Re: Stage 17 to occupy for a new Meet n' Greet?

    Quote Originally Posted by jasmineray View Post
    I'm going to be blunt, Dancin' with Disney is WACK. It's cheap entertainment and it definitely needs to go. I'm not up for a meet and greet, either. Like disneytwins said, this isn't WDW where there are a whole bunch of meet and greets everywhere. They're not needed as much at the DLR. That building should be used for something else. What, I don't know but not Dancin' with Disney or a meet and greet.
    Do you have kids by any chance?

    Or do you like a nice place to take a long break from the heat during the summer and relax with a drink and enjoy watching kids have a blast and do some dancing yourself with rarer characters?

    Not every part of the park needs to be a big huge spectacle and not every part needs to be exactly your cup of tea.

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