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    Stagedoor Cafe's New Food Offerings - Anyone Try Them Yet?

    Excuse me if this has been mentioned already, as I did a quick search and found nothing mentioning this new menu alteration, but it's come to my attention that the Stagedoor Cafe has some new food (as of my last trip on the 1st of Feb) that I definitely did not see on their menu when I last went in January. Allears hasn't reported the items or their prices yet and it was said to have last been updated in January, so this must be extremely new!!!

    But from what I saw, it now offers a new type of chicken nuggets, chicken wings with your choice of sauce and it finally advertises mozzarella sticks on the menu. They were themed in name, so I can't remember exactly what they were all called. Each item appeared to be around an $8 average. There was probably more but those were the three main things that stuck out to me.

    Anyone try the chicken wings yet, especially with buffalo sauce? I always wished Disneyland had chicken wings and was totally caught by surprise when I saw it on the menu. Unfortunately, I wasn't hungry at the time and was only stopping by to grab a drink so I didn't get to try them!

    Here's the menu from January (courtesy of for reference:
    Menu Date: January 2013
    Fish & Chips - with sliced apples or fries, plus tartar sauce or one of our dipping sauces. $9.49
    Chicken Breast Nuggets - with sliced apples or fries, plus one of our dipping sauces. $8.49
    Choose Your Dipping Sauce - Ranch, Honey Mustard, Barbecue, Marinara, or Buffalo Hot Sauce
    Hand-Dipped Corn Dog - with sliced apples or small bag of chips. $7.19
    Fantasy Funnel Cake - with strawberry, chocolate brownie or powdered sugar topping. $5.99
    Kids' Meals

    Chicken Breast Nuggets - Served with sliced apples and carrots and choice of small Low-fat milk, or small bottled water. $6.49
    Kid's POWER Pack - with yogurt, sliced apples, carrots, petite banana and whole-grain "fish" crackers. Includes choice of small Low-fat milk or small bottled water. $5.99

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    Re: Stagedoor Cafe's New Food Offerings - Anyone Try Them Yet?

    If it is the same chicken wings that they served during the Salute To The Golden Horseshoe Revue, they were very good, just the right spicyness (Is that a word?). I am happy that they decided to keep it on the menu.
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    Re: Stagedoor Cafe's New Food Offerings - Anyone Try Them Yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Disney Ninja View Post
    just the right spicyness (Is that a word?)
    Yes, however, there is an "i" where you have the "y". Spiciness.
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