After hearing about the plot to "Mickey and the Magical Map" I couldn't help but feel that the team responsible for the show has been inspired by the Epic Mickey franchise and decided to roll with the idea of returning the mischievous side of Mickey Mouse back. Also with the addition of Master Yen Sid and the show revolving around painting and brushes I think they had a missed opportunity to finally involve Oswald into an attraction/show at Disneyland.

Perhaps a way to integrate Oswald into the show they could have "Wasteland" be one of the worlds in the map that Mickey ventures into running into old cartoon characters. Also the semi dark setting of the world of Wasteland could round out the show. Like all Disney spectaculars they usually have a sinister moment to bring the audience to the darker side of Disney: Fantasmic with Night on Bald Mountain and World of Color with the (then) Hellfire sequence.

Some spoilers ahead in case you don't want to hear about the show

The sequence could start out dark. with the foreboding music of Mean Street playing in the background. Mickey cautiously looks around for the "spot". The LED map shows a thinned out mean street. Suddenly the stage is filled with "blots" running around, possibly doing a dance number. Oswald can come rushing in to help mickey get rid of them. While Mickey is fending off the blots he realizes his brush fills in a thinned out portion of mean street. He then sets to work on painting the environment while the stage slowly turns into vibrant hues and colors the more the area is painted. Soon another dance number could happen with all the old cartoons of the day celebrating. suddenly mickey realizes he missed a spot. It just so happens to be the "spot" he was looking for. the spot could escape once more and the stage can transition into the next world.

Speaking of Oswald I think its about time they added Oswald and Ortensia as meet and greet characters. Their best fit would be in Toontown.