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    DR Planning Questions from WDW Veterans

    Hello all!

    My family and I are frequent WDW visitors (we try to go 1 to 2 times a year), but the last time we traveled out to Disneyland was about 10 years ago, and a lot has changed since then! We are going over President's Day Weekend and have 3-day Park Hoppers for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We are staying off the grounds but have one Magic Morning to be used at Disneyland. I have a couple of questions to help us make the most of our time there:

    1. We need to use the Magic Morning on Saturday. Our plan is to get FP for Space Mountain, ride Peter Pan, then ride Nemo's Submarine Voyage. After that, we're not really sure where to go. Big Thunder is closed, but we're interested in riding Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones. Do lines form more quickly at any one of these?

    2. Are there any eateries in either Disneyland or California Adventure that you highly recommend for dinner? One member of our party has a lot of food allergies, so we tend to stick to places where we know exactly what we're getting.

    3. We've been reading about mornings at California Adventure and are a little confused on how to get FP for Radiator Springs Racers. I've heard that a line forms for these FP before the gate opens. Can anyone describe how exactly to get in such a line and make sure we can get these FP first thing?

    4. If we have FP for the early World of Color show, is it possible to use them for the later one, or must they be used at the time specified? Also, how early do you recommend lining up for the show?

    5. Are FP times being enforced as strictly as they are in WDW? Lately, we've been getting only about a 5 minute grace period at WDW.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Re: DR Planning Questions from WDW Veterans

    1) The order looks good, but during magic morning they are not giving our FP right away, so you can either ride it first, or if there are young kids, do Peter Pan then Nemo and work your way back to Space Mountain, and go on from there.

    2) Food Allergies, as always, call ahead, and speak to the chef, also do so once you're there. If it is in your budget, check out Carthay Circle for lunch, and do the WoC dining option - a bit expensive but an easier way to enjoy the show, and get a good meal out of it. Unless your particularly interested in Blue Bayou, skip it, overprice mediocre food, instead look at Café Orleans which is slightly less expensive, just as good or better, and easier to get reservations.

    3. You can line up at park opening and wait for the FP distribution to open, however know there will already be a line with people who were there from magical morning ahead of you waiting for FP because it hasn't opened yet. If you can do magic morning for DCA it would be strongly preferred, head straight to Cars Land and do the racers. Get to the gates 70 minutes before normal park opening.

    4. You must use your ticket for the show time printed (early/late) and for the section (Blue/Yellow/Dining). If you are in a colored section I recommend you show up exactly at the time printed on the ticket, which changes based on the show time for that day. It is usually about 90ish minutes before the show. If you are in the Dining section, then you can show up anytime during the window and end up pretty good. In general the viewing is good for all people, so long as you don't get stuck behind anyone inconsiderate.

    5. They are not enforcing them yet, there is a vague "spring" timeframe, and various rumored start dates. But they will be happening. There will be a grace for showing up late similar to WDW.

    Have a super magical trip!

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    Re: DR Planning Questions from WDW Veterans

    Big Thunder is closed, but we're interested in riding Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones. Do lines form more quickly at any one of these?
    Yes those rides are extremely popular at Disneyland. Splash Mountain still will have a line even if it is on the chilly side.

    Our plan is to get FP for Space Mountain, ride Peter Pan, then ride Nemo's Submarine Voyage.
    I suggest getting these rides done during your Magic Morning as these rides get long lines just like the other rides you mentioned.

    2, 3, 4, & 5
    I agree with tiggerjay on all of these. We have been having rumors for a long time about FP Time Enforcement for a long time. I would suggest be on Time, if there was a event that caused you to be late I am sure a Cast Member would kindly take your word(as long as it is reasonable) and let you go into the FP Line.

    Have Fantasmic! trip . I am sure you will have fun at "The Happiest Place on Earth".
    Always read the fine print.

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    Re: DR Planning Questions from WDW Veterans

    Thanks for coming down to original Magic Kingdom.
    1. If you are DL at rope drop I would go for Petter first because that line goes for long to forever in no time flat, and thats a rope drop. I would then head over to Space and just get in standby it should only be 10-15 minutes in the first half hour of the day. I would for sure get the Disneyland Mousewait app and use it and update it throughout your visit because that will come in handy so that you don't have to return to the hub to see the info board. Nemo is never over 25 minutes at any time. I would not tell you where to go because it takes the fun out of your trip. Just keep an eye on Indy FP times because those will be running all day and you don't have to stand and the sun/rain for 45-50 minutes waiting when you could just go in jungle and tiki and come back and just hop on the ride. I would also encroage you if your group is all adults to try Single rider. You probaly won't sit together but you can cut 45-65 minutes into a 5 by doing that and just walking to the Projector room. But be sure to Fantasmic! on the trip, ours is better than WDW!

    2. I don't know your food perferances but that best quick service in the whole resort is Plaza Inn. I can say I have never had a bad meal there.

    3. The way DLR handels mornings is they open Main Street, Buena Vista Street 1hour-30 minutes to rope drop. A line will be formed near Carthey Circle that just before rope drop or at drop will be lead to RSR FP wich is in Bugs Land. and they will continue to give out passes untill they are sold out for the day which can be within the first 2 hours of the day.

    4. WoC FP as a little weird. The way they give them out is first come get earlest show. The will continue to give tickets out for the first show until sold out and then the later show will start to be given. The ticket for WoC does not effect your ability to get an attraction FP. You will not be able to trade or redeem another WoC FP for the rest of that day. Note you can not see the first WoC and run over to DL to watch fireworks they are usally 2 minutes apart and you can't run that fast.

    5. There is no confirmation of this yet. But that can start at anytime as we start getting ready for the flop that is Mymagic- (sorry I have strong feeling for the program). Al Lutz reported just today about they might start very soon. But nothing is set in stone until it happens. I would count on them enforcing times when you arrive but if you see if they don't seem to be than try your luck.

    Also when you arrive talk to any CM at City Hall or Guest Relations they could help you the best when you are in the parks. Also make sure if you see any CM going above and beyound what you expected give them praise at City Hall or Guest Relations. And make sure you have a good time. Also I would recomend to see Aladdin at DCA. Its realy good and they always make me laugh after seeing the show 20+ times.
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    Re: DR Planning Questions from WDW Veterans

    specifically for RSR FP they let guests into buena vista street about 30 mins before park opening and do a rope drop. Once you can get in the park a line will form under the carthay circle theater. If you ask any CM in the area they will direct you to the line. When the rope drops the line flows right into the FP distribution area. It probably takes less than 10 mins. I would suggest heading straight to Luigi's Flying Tires from the FP line as it will be a walk on and that line can be painful once it starts to get long

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