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    Racist Disneyland (Yahoo! News)

    Black family claims Disney’s White Rabbit character refused to touch their kids | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

    On yahoo! White Rabbit (character actor) is racist. When the family filed a complaint, they were offered $500 and vip tickets from Disney but that didn't fix anything so they turned down the offer.

    what do u think? was the actor racist or not? I think yes.

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    Re: Racist Disneyland (Yahoo! News)

    PLEASE search the forums before starting a new thread. This topic has been started (and closed) 5 times now.

    Folks, with no disrespect meant for the OP or the participants in this thread, we will be closing this thread now. It would not be appropriate for any of us to speculate on any aspect of the situation, given the limited information made available so far. Also, the topic has an excellent chance of heading down a number of political directions, and as you all know, we don't do political or religious topics on our general boards.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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