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    Face characters makeup brand?

    Do all the face characters use professional theater makeup brands? I was noticing that even if the actor has a pimple, their foundation perfectly covers any redness. Also their lipstick looks like it would stay on for a really long time. Is that something that the average person could buy and wear every day?

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    Re: Face characters makeup brand?

    i've read that cast members are allowed to supply and apply their own makeup, as long as they follow the color guidelines the park gives them for each character. for foundation, the princesses and characters like the mad hatter are allowed to wear as thick of foundation as they want to, but for "younger" characters (like alice), they need to have light makeup and so, usually, pretty flawless skin. as for the lipstick, rumor has it snow white swears by mac.

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    Re: Face characters makeup brand?

    I would say they use Ben Nye (#1 theatrical makeup used) this is often what I have seen used at Disneyland and at Knott's haunt. I also use this for plays I design makeup for and some of it I use for every day use.
    So I am guessing thats what is being used.
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