I Forgot to put something for Marvel Weekends.

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As a crossover between Wreck-It Ralph and The Avengers (A Disney/Marvel crossovers) will be coming to Marvel Weekends.

Marvel Weekends is recieving a Free Wreck-It Ralph/The Avengers crossover comic, Issue #1, so you can't wait until release on Comic Book Stores. There's 2 options for a poll.

1.- Buying a Marvel merchandise in Elias and Co., and Guests recieve a Free Comic.

2.- 100 Guests dressed as Marvel Superheroes, should get inside Marvel Comics Exhibition and get a free Comic.

You see a Sneak Peek of Wreck-It Ralph/The Avengers crossovers Issue #2, #3 and #4 in Marvel Comics Exhibition in Stage 17.

also, Guests can see a Sneak Peek of an Rumored Tie-In Straight to video on a Screen inside Marvel Comics Exhibition.

See the plot of Wreck-It Ralph/The Avengers crossover, visit http://micechat.com/forums/disney-bu...ver-comic.html