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    Your favorite "inside the Magic moments" at DL and DCA

    What are your favorite "inside" knowledge goodies in the park- the things most folks don't know or notice when they go? For example the interactive features in the Indy queue, or the Country Bear heads in Pooh? Throughout the park what are the goodies, easter eggs, secrets- the inside knowledge- that you like best?

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    Re: Your favorite "inside the Magic moments" at DL and DCA

    I liked knowing about the perks a birthday button from City Hall gets you. I recommend them to everyone celebrating a birthday in the park.

    I also enjoy finding out about certain easter eggs there are to find. It gives you something new to do each time you visit.
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    Re: Your favorite "inside the Magic moments" at DL and DCA

    The exit crypt laughter at Haunted Mansion, last 'themed' part of the show/attraction: it's not exactly hidden, but easy to walk right out and not hear it, I daresay.

    Also, Sherlock Holmes' shadow appearance in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
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