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    DL - Princess lunch thought and pirate experience

    So I've never had a character meal with the Princesses at Ariel's Grotto. We used to go a often for the WOC fastpasses, so I'm acquainted with the menu. Is this a good experience? I'm going with my sister and her 7 year old daughter. And possibly her hubs and 4 year old son. We are already planning on breakfast with Minnie. Would princesses be overkill, or something she should do. It is unlikely that they will be back anytime in the next few years.

    Also, the pirate's lair. Is this good for the boy? I know the girl is doing Bippidi Boppidi, but I've never taken a little boy to DL before, usually princess trips only. So I'm thinking while she's getting done up at BBB, the boys can be pirates.

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    Re: DL - Princess lunch thought and pirate experience

    If you and your kids are into characters, go to as many character meals as you like. I've never been to Ariel's Grotto but as far as I've heard the food is alright.

    The Pirates League, that was in New Orleans Square, isn't there anymore. Boys can go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but there's not pirate makeovers there, they just do their hair and give them a sword a shield.

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    Re: DL - Princess lunch thought and pirate experience

    During my last trip to Disneyland I went to the character lunch at Ariel's Grotto. I really enjoyed it (and I'm an adult), the food was very good and I was suprised at how many princesses there were. My friend and I also LOVED watching the kids reactions, the girl next to use nearly exploded every time another princess came over.

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    Re: DL - Princess lunch thought and pirate experience

    Last summer, I took my 4 year old daughter there for lunch.

    Personally, I thought it was only ok. My daughter enjoyed it. And I'm glad we did it, but I'm not looking to do it again.

    It cost around $30 for the two of us to eat there. I know if my wife had been with us, we could have split the adult meal. There was plenty of food.

    The princesses only came by once while we were there. So they made the rounds and they were gone. What did impress me, though, was Ariel. She met my daughter and asked her name. Then, when we left an hour later, she waved to my daughter and said goodbye, and addressed her by name. I was really impressed that she remembered my daughter's name an hour later. I can't even guess how many kids she saw between us, but she remembered my daughter's name and that really made her day.

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    Re: DL - Princess lunch thought and pirate experience

    We have done the lunch at Ariel's Grotto the past two years...and we are three adults! The food is plentiful and very good...cannot speak for childrens options. When you go in there is a picture opportunity with Ariel...and you are not rushed...she takes time to visit both before and after the picture. Snow White, Cindrella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty (both years) made their individual entrances and each visits every table, taking time to visit and pose for as many pictures as you want. The most individual character interaction we have ever had at any of the character meals in the parks (Storytellers is the only one we have not experienced).
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    Re: DL - Princess lunch thought and pirate experience

    We enjoy Plaza's character breakfast more than the rest. The characters stay longer and there's more of them. Food's better too!

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    Re: DL - Princess lunch thought and pirate experience

    The Character meals are wonderful ways for the kids to meet with their favorite characters, but the price is certainly up there. If you expect the price to be more than a regular meal, then I highly recommend it! The food is good and the character interactions are always a great time.

    Friends and I did the breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen and the food was plentiful and hot. We were able to go during a very slow part of the morning and Peter Pan wound up sitting at our table for a while... it was lovely! <3 Not saying that would happen for everyone, but it's certainly a perk.
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