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    Disneyland During Christmas/New Years Eve

    I'm considering a visit to Disneyland during my birthday, which is the day before New Years Eve. I've heard that the park can get quite crowded during this time. I'm trying to weigh the novelty of my first birthday trip to DLR when the holiday overlay is still in place versus the fighting the crowds. Do you think it's still worth the experience?

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    Re: Disneyland During Christmas/New Years Eve

    My favorite times at the parks are during the holidays just for decorations alone. But yes, it is super crowded during the Holiday season. But as of lately, there is hardly a "down" time or off season anymore. Its pretty much got crowds every day. During the Holidays would probably be more crowded but, no matter when you go you will deal with the crowd.

    Off topic...I'm a December birthday to

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    Re: Disneyland During Christmas/New Years Eve

    I did my first NYE last year and was not too surprised how the crowds were(since I was warned ahead of time) If you go with the thought of long wait times,elbow to elbow people and the cold you should be ok. I didn't bring the right type of clothing so waiting in front of the castle for the drop was cold. But there was no wind or fog (unlike 2011).

    I say go for your birthday just have some kind of a plan,the right mentality and have fun!
    I am a Annual Pass Holder and I'm better than you! lol!

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    Re: Disneyland During Christmas/New Years Eve

    Just go have fun. I have done it 5 years in a row and it's awesome. Don't let any stories from here scare you. If you search the forum for NYE threads you can get some god knowledge on what to expect and see many trip reports.

    here are my last two trip reports. You will see the crowds but go there with the preparation of not going on all attractions and you will be good. Go have fun

    NYE 2012 Photo Heavy

    A very late NYE report

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