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  • Shelve Oz Land for Game Central Station

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  • in an area, where is the cancelled Hollywoodland is.

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    Lightbulb Game Central Station

    I know! Everyone say that Wreck-It Ralph and Video Games doesn't fit in Tomorrowland.

    JerrodDRagon says"so unless they make Video Game land", I Decide to make a Video Games area, it will be named:


    An Enclosed Area; It will be like Toontown, but with Video Games.

    In this Area, will have:

    * Sugar Rush- Guests enter to Sugar Rush door, They will meet n' greet with Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz; or go to Vanellope's Sugary Treat, Guests can get some Cotton Candy, Coke Products, or refresh with an Special Drink, Vanellope's Sweet Apple-Ade Freeze (Similar to Red's Apple Freeze, but with a taste of Lemon)

    * Fix-It Felix, Jr.- A Mini-Area.

    * Wreck-It Ralph: Arcade Rescue- A 3D Motion Simulator ride that sets after the event of Wreck-It Ralph.

    * Restrooms.


    Option 1:

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    Located next to Mickey's Toontown, where the rumored Oz Land used to be. If Oz Land will be Shelved, This Area will become into Game Central Station. So Starcade will become into Flynn's Arcade. Fix-It Felix, Jr. will be a Queue for Wreck-It Ralph: Arcade Rescue. There will 2 Stations:

    * Frontierland and Fantasyland: When Guests walks in Frontierland, The Station will be located next to Big Thunder Ranch; or Walks in Fantasyland, The Station will be located Next to Fantasyland. This Station will be open during Mickey's Halloween Party.

    * Mickey's Toontown: Trolley Station will be located between Chip and Dale's Treehouse and Mickey's House. This Station will not be open during Mickey's Halloween Party.

    Option #2:

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    Located south of Tomorrowland and west of Main Street, U.S.A.; Where is the cancelled plan for Hollywoodland.
    I Think, Wreck-It Ralph: Arcade Rescue will replace Captain EO. In Fix-It Felix, Jr. will have a kiddie Water Playground, and the Niceland's penthouse will be the entrance for Wreck-It Ralph: Arcade Rescue, There will 2 Stations:

    *Tomorrowland: Guests enter to Starcade, There will be the Station.

    * Main Street U.S.A.: Guests enter to an Rumored Replica of Litwak's Arcade, There will be the Station.

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    Re: Game Central Station

    Eh… I liked Wreck-It Ralph, quite a lot actually, but I don't think it needs its own land. Especially not one in Disneyland Park.

    Sorry, but both ideas are a bust for me :/ Maybe they could do something with Ralph over at DCA at some point.

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    Re: Game Central Station

    Wreck-It Ralph doesn't need its own land. It's a fun movie and the games would be fun, but they might as well just make the space they made into Flynn's for elecTRONica themed for Wreck-It Ralph for a while. They could recreate Lidwak's Arcade and have it DCA's Hollywood Land.
    I wish Frozen would have never been made.

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