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    Best Birthday Trip Ever!

    First off, I want to apologize for no photos. My camera broke, but I might get one for my birthday (today). Anyways, I visited the parks on Saturday the 23rd with my two best friends to celebrate my 17th birthday and we had the time of our lives. First off, one of my friends got an annual pass, so that immediately made us happy. We then went into Disneyland and made sure to get fastpasses for Space Mountain because it's my favorite ride. After that, we ventured to Small World Mall to visit Merida. Unfortunately, she wasn't there. So, we strolled into Toontown and with a 25 minute queue, rode Roger Rabbit. After, we got on Pirates which is always a must. We felt peckish afterwards, so we got some grub at Hungry Bear. It was my first time back after they introduced the "new" menu a while back. I got the turkey provolone sandwich which was delicious, but a little too much bread, with a side of onion rings that were some of the best I've had. You also can't have a birthday without a cake (or in this case, a pie) so I got Trixie's chocolate pie. It looks small at first, but is TOTALLY worth the $4.99 it costs. After feeding the ducks some scraps, we decided to take a ride on Winnie the Pooh. Right after, we got some fastpasses for Splash Mountain, especially after finding out that my friends had never been on it. By this time, our fastpass window for Space Mountain opened up so off to space we went. We ended up walking faster than we thought, so we killed some time in Innoventions by playing some Just Dance Disney. By the time we finished dancing to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", we attracted a crowd full of eager kids ready to dance, so we let them dance away while we were off to fly through the stars. As we walk out of Innoventions, we can see that Space Mountain went down, which made me panic about losing our fastpass altogether. We approached a lovely cast member and asked if there was a way to validate our fastpass, and she told us that because it will be down for our entire fastpass window, we can use whenever we want before the park closes. This provided a huge relief. Our fastpasses for Splash were available after all this commotion, and we were able to get on with ease. Although, the queue grew substantially due to only one loading area being used (one of the gates was malfunctioning in the unused loading dock). After a fun morning in Disneyland, we decided to head on over to California Adventure. We immediately went to Radiator Springs Racers as I had never gotten on during the day. We had an Attraction Readmission pass after the ride breaking down while we were in line on a previous trip. The pass allows admission to up to 6 people, but we only had 3 and felt like we were misusing it, so we ended up finding a nice family of 3 and took them with us. It turns out that it was their last day at the resort and had wanted to go on Racers their entire trip, but didn't feel like waiting in the 100+ minute queue. All 6 of us had a blast on the ride and the family of 3 thanked us for our kindness. Afterwards, we all squished into a single trailer and laughed until our throats hurt on Junkyard Jamboree. More to come soon!
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    Re: Best Birthday Trip Ever!

    Sounds SO fun!!! I recently discovered Mater's Junkyard Jamboree - that ride is a blast!

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