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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    I think this will end up being a fairly sad list.

    1. Horizons from EPCOT. All time greatest amusement park attraction EVER. A shame it's gone.
    2. World of Motion from EPCOT. Wonderful use of AAs. Funny and dynamic. Catchy music. A shame it's gone.
    3. Pirates of the Carribean from Disneyland. An unbelievable classic. What all rides after should aspire to be.
    4. People Mover from Disneyland. Relaxing and long enough to soak up the Tomorrowland atmosphere and recharge your batteries. Gave some nice previews of attractions, and really made me feel like I was in the future. A shame it's gone.
    5. Haunted Mansion from WDW (2006). It has had changes since I last saw it, so this could change, I suppose. Wonderful immersion and theming. A slight edge to Florida's due to a couple of extra rooms.
    6. Spaceship Earth (Jeremy Irons version) from EPCOT. Brilliant and inspiring. I can't see how any of the changes they've made to it could not hurt it some.
    7. Journey into Imagination (the original) from EPCOT. whimsical, magical, and inspiring. A shame it's gone.
    8. Cranium Command from EPCOT. funny and creative. fast moving and even emotionally moving. A shame it's gone.
    9. America Sings from Disneyland. Catchy music, fun animatronics, good length and rarely any real wait. At least I still can see the critters in Splash Mountain. A shame it's gone.
    10. It's a Small World from Disneyland. An edge goes to Disneyland's version, due mostly to the spectacular appearance of the building's exterior. What can I say? I know this ride gets much maligned, but it makes me feel happy. A nice escape from the world, and a chance to wish "If only..."

    Yeah, it's a shame so many on my list are now in Yesterland.

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    Space Mountain (DL) is my favorite Disney ride. Non-Disney rides that are in my favorites are The Mummy and Transformers (Both USF)
    I have ridden both the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom ones

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    All are Disneyland or DCA unless otherwise noted.

    1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure)
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean
    3. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (Tokyo DisneySea)
    4. Haunted Mansion
    5. Radiator Springs Racers
    6. Peter Pan
    7. Toy Story Midway Mania
    8. The Peoplemover (now in Magic Kingdom)
    9. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    10. It's a Small World
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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1. Big Thunder Mountain, DL
    2. Haunted Mansion DL or DLP
    3. Splash Mountain, TDL
    4. Tower of Terror, DHS
    5. Radiator Springs Racers, DCA
    6. Harry potter and the Forbbiden Journey, IOA
    7. Indiana Jones Adventure
    8. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
    9. Toy Story Mania, DHS

    10. Everest Exhibition, DAK, that first time only, earning it an honorable mention from when it operated properly/
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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    ooh, i forgot grizzly river run (how could i?!) i take away california screamin' and replace it with GRR.

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    The only theme park my family has been to is DL. (That will change once Harry Potter Land opens at Universal)

    1. Pirates
    2. Indiana Jones
    3. Haunted Mansion
    4. Mr Toad
    5. Pinocchio
    6. Big Thunder
    7. Jungle Cruise
    8. Snow White

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    -Peter Pan
    -The lounge next to Steakhouse 55

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1) The Haunted Mansion; one of the few mostly original rides that hasn't been 'modernized'.

    1.5) Actually, my #1 after dark; Storybookland Canal Boats. The scenery really comes alive after dark. It's great during the day, but it has a more immersive personality after dark.

    2) MuppetVision 3D; Just a cute little movie. A place to relax and be entertained.

    3) Disneyland Railroad; a nice relaxing ride with great views. I usually go around at least twice, and a couple of times a day.

    5) Tiki Room. As a guy who spends a lot of time designing/installing/modifying/maintaining machinery a lot like the stuff in the Tiki Room, I can really appreciate the time and effort that went into that room.

    6) Lincoln; Same as above. A LOT of effort went into making Mr. Lincoln stand up as he does. This is no easy feat, believe me, TONS of fine-tuning.....

    7) Any of the dark rides in Fantasyland. Lots of detail. I usually notice something new every time I ride one of these.

    8) Pirates Of The Caribbean; This was one of my very favorites until they put all the Johnny Depps in it. Though I think he's one of the finest actors of all time, representations of actual humans have no place in this ride.

    9) Soarin Over California; Very well done. Being a pilot, it's one of the most realistic rides of its type.

    10) Jungle Cruise; This one was more of a favorite when they let the Skippers do their own jokes. Some of those people had a real knack for humor, these days it's too fake.

    Since DL has become more and more crowded, the last few years I've been going to Universal Studios when I'm on vacation. WaterWorld is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Anywhere. Absolutely excellent. The tour bus is good too.

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    Quote Originally Posted by Njdrummer View Post
    -The lounge next to Steakhouse 55
    I'm not trying to be a jerk or snotty I promise - is the lounge something to be seen? Or is it a bar and you like to enjoy the magic of alcohol? (I'm with you on the second part if so!)

    I've never been to Steakhouse 55 so I'm not sure if you're joking or if it qualifies as an actual attraction lol

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    Indiana Jones

    Peter Pan (DL)


    Radiator Springs Racers

    Silly Symphony Swings is really growing on me.

    Storybook Land Canal Boats

    The Mummy (USH)

    Transformers (USH)

    Revolution (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

    Dragon Swing (Knott's Berry Farm)
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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    Top 10's are so hard to decide because you inevitably leave stuff out.

    1) Splash Mountain (slight preference for MK)
    2) Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
    3) Dinosaur
    4) Rock N Roller Coaster
    5) Kilimanjaro Safaris
    6) Spaceship Earth (Jeremy Irons)
    7) The Peoplemover
    8) Pirates of the Caribbean (DL, pre-Capt Jack)
    9) Adventure Thru Innerspace
    10) Living with the Land (w/ live hosts, no recorded spiel)

    Honorable mention to Cranium Command.
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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1. Matterhorn- Even with the horrible upgraded sleds, its still my favorite.

    2. Disneyland Railroad- The sounds, the smells, and dinosaurs!

    3. Pirates of the Caribbean- Especially the grotto scenes.

    4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I have a love of the old west so this has always been right up my alley.

    5. Star Tours- The Star Wars movies have been such an important part of my life that this attraction got even better with the upgrade.

    6. Timber Mountain Log Ride- I love Splash but I have always prefered the Knott's classic.

    7.Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye- Great details, great audio, feeeling fully transported into an underground temple. Fantasic stuff and then you get to get in a jeep and the fun really takes off.

    8. Mark Twain- A classic and I always have to take a trip around the Rivers of America. Better at night too!

    9. Radiator Springs Racers- Does not disapoint. Its two rides in one. A dark ride and a thrill ride.

    10. Snow White's Scary Adventures- Simply my favorite dark ride in all of Fantasyland.
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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1. The Haunted Mansion (DL) - You can't beat the atmosphere and the music. The facade is beautiful and foreboding.
    Best dark ride in the world.
    2. The Disneyland Railroad (DL) - I love trains. So much nostalgia. No visit is complete without a grand circle tour.
    3. Pirates of the Caribbean (DL) - An animatronics extravaganza that has never been rivaled.
    4. Radiator Springs Racers - A perfect blend of dark ride and thrill ride.
    5. Indiana Jones Adventure (DL) - Exciting, lots of eye candy. Introduced one of the most influential ride systems.
    6. Matterhorn Bobsleds - The tight spaces make it seem much faster. A Disneyland exclusive, and it introduced so many innovations.
    7. Calico Mine Ride (KBF) - It's cheesy and claustrophobic and so much fun.
    8. Peter Pan's Flight (DL) - Short but sweet. A very unique way to view the sets.
    9. Splash Mountain (DL) - Works very well as log flume and a dark ride. Catchy tunes. Good times.
    10. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DL) - It has more lift hills than any of the Disney coasters, but the theming is fantastic.

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    At the moment:

    1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (Islands of Adventure)
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland)
    3. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (Islands of Adventure)
    4. Indiana Jones, Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland)
    5. The Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom, WDW)
    6. Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom, WDW)
    7. Kilimanjaro Safaris (Animal Kingdom, WDW)
    8. Test Track 2.0 (Epcot, WDW)
    9. Star Tours 2.0 (either resort)
    10. Spaceship Earth (Epcot, WDW)

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    All Disneyland Resort unless noted:

    1. Star Tours
    2. Splash Mountain
    3. RSS (would probably be higher if not for the impossibly long lines and difficulty in getting a FP)
    4. Pirates of the Carribean (Disneyland Paris version)
    5. Jungle Cruise
    6. Tower of Terror
    7. Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris verison - I love the tunnel start and finish)
    8. Calico Mine Ride (Knotts - used to work on it 25 years ago while in high school/college!)
    9. Soarin' over California
    10. The Little Mermaid

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