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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    Favorite rides are:
    Tea Cups
    Pirates of the Carribean
    Haunted Mansion
    Big Thunder Mountain
    Mark Twain
    Tiki Room
    Raider Springs Racers
    Small World
    Alice in Wonderland
    Jungle Cruise

    There's no particular ranking to my list. They're all good in my opinion. And I just love getting on these attractions because they're fun. Most are my daughter's favorites too. She'll probably add Casey Jr, Dumbo, and Storybook Canal.

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1-radiator springs racers(CA Adenture)
    2-Expedition Everest (WDW)
    3-Rock n' Roller Coaster
    4-Space mountain (Disneyland)
    5-Splash Mountain (Disneyland)

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1. Disneyland RR
    2. Country Bear Jamboree
    3. Soarin'
    4. Grizzley River Rapids
    5. Monorail
    6. And sadly, since I do not fit since the new car configuration, Matterhorn

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean as well. When I think of how amazing that attraction must have seemed at the time it was built. It still is considered an awesome attraction. I can only imagine how it must have been received when it first opened.
    2. Haunted Mansion. Much for the same reason. So innovative. Then. And still a great attraction appearance all these years later.
    3. Space Mountain. Largely because I remember the mystery of it when it first opened. I was 13. And I remember the TV ad for it, and how awesome it all looked. I remember the queue as well that would wind by the big plate glass window where you could see inside the mountain. Was really effective as you waited to board for the first time.
    4. Matterhorn. A classic. As many have pointed out, I don't much like the new cars though.
    5. Thunder Mountain. I remember the TV ad for that one as well. Intriguing and exciting.
    6. Adventure Through Inner Space. Simplistic attraction, but mesmerizing plot and theme. Especially to a kid.
    7. Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland. Disney at its best in so many ways. Loved the caverns.
    8. Tiki Room.
    9. Small World
    10. Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, Toad, Snow White, Pinocchio. I know, a 5 way tie for 10th. I remember these rides as kids though (not Pinocchio as I was older when that went in) and how they brought Disney's animated features to life. What so much of Fantasyland was about.

    Other theme parks have made great strides, but I will always have to give it to Disneyland, the park that established the mold most profoundly.
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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    My favorite ride: Indiana Jones
    Favorite roller coaster: X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
    Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror

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    Re: Is your favourite all-time ride in a Disney park? Rank them

    All time favourite is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Love the theme and I love trains, so it is a must.

    Also, the grand circle tour of Disneyland and the Magix Kingdom is a personal favourite
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