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    What Disneyland specific souviners/specials should I look for?

    I'm planning a trip to the resort area for sometime closer to the end of the summer season and I've never wondered this before till a recent Disney World trip but does the Disneyland Resort area have any unique items for certain dining locations or stores? I found a few neat specialty items at the Florida parks like the Liberty Tavern mug and was curious to know what locations I should check out at Disneyland for that sort of stuff.

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    Re: What Disneyland specific souviners/specials should I look for?

    You can still find store specific items in Disneyland, but in my experience the past couple of trips most of the stores have the exact same merchandise. It's pretty disappointing.

    The few stores that are still pretty land specific are:

    Pieces of Eight and Le Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square. They tend to stick more with the Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion merchandise. Last October they had merged Le Bat en Rouge's merchandise and Pieces of Eight together. The space for Le Bat en Rouge used to be exclusively for The Nightmare Before Christmas, but was full of generic Disney merchandise and clothing.

    Star Trader in Tomorrowland is still pretty exclusively Star Wars/Star Tours themed. Last time I was in there they had some Captain EO merchandise, too.

    Bazaar in Adventureland has a lot of Indiana Jones and explorer type merchandise like hats and clothing, but the last time I was in there it was full of generic Disney sweatshirts and t-shirts along with tons of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.

    As far as merchandise themes I think DCA is winning right now. Most of the stuff in the stores in DCA is different from shop to shop. It feels like if you've seen one thing in a store on Main Street in Disneyland you will probably see it in every other store throughout the park.
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    Re: What Disneyland specific souviners/specials should I look for?

    Dr. Fink is right about DCA.

    There are a ton of things featuring the lands, and attractions that are unique to DCA. Such as World of Color and Buena Vista Street.
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