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    Re: annual pass revocation/payment question

    This discussion has brought up some interesting, and rather disturbing, points.
    Quote Originally Posted by chancencinny View Post
    The pass contract is to pay off the cost of the pass, not a month to month pass plan, as others have said. Regardless, the pass is revoked for one year from the date of the incident and as everyone else has said the poster has to pay still. The poster is not banned from the property though. Poster can buy regular tickets, just not another annual pass for a year.
    If this is true, annual passholders and day-ticket holders are being held to differing standards. Would an AP-holder get their pass revoked for doing something that a day-ticket holder would simply get a 24-hour timeout for? That seems awfully unrealistic. It makes more sense for things involving the law like underage drinking to get a bona fide extended ban from the property, in which case revoking an AP would only make sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malina View Post
    As others have said, security would have immediately asked her for her ticket media. They also would have asked her for ID and if they ran her name and address they'd have immediately been able to see if she was an AP or not. I suppose someone could say "I don't have a ticket" but then they'd have to explain how they got into the park, why they didn't report their lost ticket, etc. Cooperating with security and handing over the ticket media - her AP in this case - was really the only thing she could have done that wouldn't have caused a scene and more trouble for her.
    Are you explicitly required to have admission media on your person while in the parks? My understanding is the ticket is for getting you in the gate. Of course, if you didn't have it anymore you wouldn't be able to use Fastpass or leave and re-enter the park, but you could still enjoy the rest of the day in the park. Are you actually obligated to report a lost ticket? (It obviously makes sense to do so for APs and multi-day tickets, but not so much for a one-day ticket lost later in the day.) Being shown the gate solely for not having a ticket on you is extreme. If you truly are REQUIRED to have admission media on you at all times while in the park, then this needs to be part of the official guest policy, and even specified on the ticket itself. As far as I've seen, it's not.

    Quote Originally Posted by explodingboy View Post
    I had a similar situation happen to a friend, except they were not drinking but were with a group that was prior to park entry. Needless to say Disney revoked all of their passes for (I think) a year. However, I think she paid for her pass upfront so there was no question of if she could stop payment or not. They just had to deal with it unfortunately.
    So simply having been in physical proximity to somebody who gets into trouble that warrants dismissal is grounds for your being dismissed as well? This makes me glad I always went to the parks alone those years I was an annual passholder.

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    Re: annual pass revocation/payment question

    I didn't read all the pages, so if you've been answered, pardon me. I was in a similar situation. While I didn't supply alcohol to a minor, I was in a group that did off site, and an undercover employee saw us come onto the property. I had some on me, but never shared it with the minor. I was given my pass back after a month, but I had to write a note of apology. I imagine if you were the supplier, you will be banned for a year, as that's a misdemeanor, I believe. That's what happened to my friend, at least. If you were not the one supplying, you have a shot at being let back in. Good luck, but don't mess with Disney. The security there is tight. Which is a good thing.

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    Re: annual pass revocation/payment question

    Closed at the request of the OP.
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