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    Re: Does anyone remember, was there a push to save Country Bear Jamboree?

    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyM View Post
    In response to the OP, MrLiver hit the nail on the head. From what I have read, the bears' lack of popularity must have had something to do with the popularity of country music in the South and not in the West. The placement of the attraction at Disneyland (in the very back corner of the park) as well as there being 2 theaters may have helped sealed their fate.
    We must have read the same article/book/whatever, because this was the reason I was given when looking into it's removal. I have very vague memories of CBJ as a child, but most of them involve the triplets and Buff. And the fantastic swing from the ceiling (not so much the cute bear on it...just the swing itself)...
    I noticed that someone objected to this "country-music-no-being-as-popular" theory and I know first-hand that it is the TRUTH. I just moved back out West after living in Nashville for a year and a half. In the South, people just grow up hearing bluegrass and honky-tonk country, even the punk rockers and gangsters and metal heads and all the folks in between. Since I have come back, I was intoducing an old friend to a band I enjoy and my pal was joking about there being a washboard player in the it was a weird thing! A lot of people can't even tell you what a mandolin is these days...and don't get me started on what people deem "country" anymore. Grrrrr. I would love to see the CBJ come back in some capacity, even just an AA in the Hungry Bear restaurant like they have at the Rainforest Cafe. But sadly, there isn't really a west coast market for that stuff.
    On a side note, I named my Gumball Rally team after CBJ. I heart ursine bluegrass robot performers.
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    Re: Does anyone remember, was there a push to save Country Bear Jamboree?

    I would have no problem them removing the Pooh Store and placing a one theater CBJ show. This is one area of the park we have a little room push with. Or even making the queue walk past the Pooh Attraction into its own show building. (just Push out the Berm A little)
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    Re: Does anyone remember, was there a push to save Country Bear Jamboree?

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