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    DL/DCA in One Day Review

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post some tips about our visit to Disneyland, since I had trouble finding information on how to tackle both parks and shows in one day prior to our trip. To summarize, it's completely doable! Granted we weren't toting any kids around, we're both in good health (wore good shoes), and we stayed at the park from open to closeÖover 16 hours!

    We visited the park on Friday, February 22. The crowd reports said this was going to be an 8 out of 10 day, but I really donít think it was that bad. I think the longest line we waited in was for a Dole Whip! Good, but definitely not worth the 30 minutes it took to get it. The chili cone at Cars Land was my favorite food item of the day, especially since it got chilly in the evening.

    Anyway, first things first. The park opened at 8am that day. DCA had early admission at 7am. We got there around 7:20am. I had WDW park hopper passes from 2000 that I thought still had days left on them. I tried the evening before to find out if there were days still left on them, but everyone I talked to on both days said it wasnít possible. It wasn't until they tried to scan them at the admission gate that we knew whether they were good or not. This was completely different from what I read, so it was kind of stressful standing in line not knowing if you're going to have to leave the entrance line and go stand in another line to purchase tickets, and then have to come back. Luckily we did not, but I still donít know how many days are left on them since their system doesnít give you any information other than yes, come on in or no, sorry.

    As soon as we got in the park we waited in line for a RSR Fastpass. Once the park opened, it took us 15 minutes to get one. After that we went over and grabbed a FP for the first show of WOC. We got blue seating for that.

    We rode a few rides, then around lunchtime went over to DL. Rode some rides there, then went back to DCA, back to DL, then back to DCA for Aladdin and World of Color 9pm showing. We got to WOC an hour before it started, which was plenty of time to get a good standing spot. Honestly on that night you could have shown up 20 mins ahead of time and still gotten a decent spot. After WOC, we went back over to DL and got a standing spot behind the rope for the 10:30pm showing of Fantasmic. This was the only true crowd we ran into the whole day because we were right in front of the castle trying to get over to Rivers of America when the fireworks ended, and they started ushering people certain directions, and it made it hard to get across. If I had to do-over, I would have just waited 10-15 mins for the crowd to thin out because just like WOC, we had plenty of time to get a good seat.

    So all in all we made 5 trips back and forth between parks utilizing mostly Fastpasses and the single rider lines. We easily got to ride everything we wanted, enjoy a few meals, see both shows, get pictures with some of the characters, and still had a few downtime moments. I honestly wouldn't have done it any other way. For us, spending a day in each park would have been overkill.

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    Re: DL/DCA in One Day Review

    I was there the later part of the Friday and was very pleasantly surprised at how relatively low the crowds seemed.

    I'm surprised the parkhopper didn't expire? Maybe they didn't have the limitations they do now. Very interesting!

    Thank you for sharing!

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    Re: DL/DCA in One Day Review

    I am surprised that the park hopper had not expired???

    Still great update
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