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    Re: I don't think I should be concerned... or should I?

    Quote Originally Posted by oddball View Post
    Here's my take on it. Is Disneyland perfect? No. Is it suppose to be perfect? *shrug* I don't know. It's a theme park and it's going to have its issues. Now, do I think there are things that could improve or that I would like to see? Sure. I'm a realist though. I tend to accept things that are imperfect. There are some who walk into Disneyland and think they own it or that if it's not perfect, then something is wrong. To me that's a bad attitude and that's not why Disneyland was created. It was created for families and friends to have an enjoyable time together. Why was it so pristine under Walt? Because that was who he was. Pristine. I just don't think he thought it was perfect or ever would be, but he did think it should run in tip top shape. If people are going to focus on the imperfections, then they are missing the whole point of Disneyland, to enjoy the people close to you. The Magic comes from your attitude.

    First bolded:
    So true! And this is good and bad. Pushing ppl out of the way, abusing CMs, foul language, vandals, etc is obviously bad. But there are THOUSANDS of us that walk into the park like we own the place and will grab a piece of trash off the ground and clean up as if we lived there or go out of our way for a quick morning chat to a CM before we do anything else. So yeah, I do have a sense of ownership and I hope that everyone has a great time. But for those ppl that think DLR is there personal space, yeah I got issues with those ppl big time.

    I do think that one of the main things that has gone down-hill are the guests. That's not to say that a majority are the bad kind. There are just more of them than 15-20 yrs ago. But I believe this to be just a sign of the times or maybe I need to take more Geritol (LMBO). It bothers me very much when TDA caters to them or turns a blind eye to their anti-social behaviour. I find this to be my #1 complaint on this forum to the point where (I suppose since the OP is asking about this stuff) less avid MCers may be put off. All I can say is please go to the parks and have a blast. You already have a history with the park(s) and it will only bond you to the physical space that is Disneyland!!!

    Second bolded:
    So true too! I find that I get two personal attitude adjustments regarding DLR. One before (I set my own mindset) and one during and after the trip (that I get from the DL environment) that lasts. SO far TDA and unruley guests ultimately haven't taken this away from our group/friends when we get together for a DLR visit.

    I do have to say though, that if you read here extensively, other MCers will impart valuable knowledge... and sometimes if you are intelligent enough it sticks with you during your visit. IMO knowledge is always good, even if it makes you see the bad spot at a wonderful place like DL. In the end, I like knowing and learning from most folks here, even if that means I now know & always see the peeling mountains of Toontown or the unfinished top tunnels of the Matterhorn (don't look up!!!). I think most ppl who come to MC often are kinda the same way. It is what helped shape us, in part, as connoisseurs of Disneyland.

    Plz enjoy your trip, and now I do want you to throw together a TR just so I can see how it went!!!

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    Re: I don't think I should be concerned... or should I?

    As a former passholder, I have some input on negative posts here. When I first got passes for my daughter and I, there weren't nearly as many APer's and there was an actual off-season. By that I mean there were plenty of opportunities to go to both parks without crazy insane crowds which was a pleasant experience. We could sneak off for a day and cover all our favorte rides and shows. When TDA began financing passes, Aper's went from 200k to 1m in less than a year. For me being among those earlier APer's my complaints are based on comparing the park experience before the population explosion to today's experience. Maybe I was spoiled by those times when we could walk on any ride and do it all in a day. In my 45 years on this planet, I remember living close enough to go to the park when it was "off-season" and being there in peak season. Today there seems to be no difference.

    Today crowds are insane always so for me I feel I've lost some magic and let my pass lapse. With crowds as huge as they are, cast member service seems to suffer a bit too. I'm not saying its a terible place, but there were times it was more fun.
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    Re: I don't think I should be concerned... or should I?

    Quote Originally Posted by SaabR View Post
    It WILL be magical!

    It WILL be! You will have a good time and wonderful memories. That being said, it is good that you are aware of some of the negative aspects you could face during your trip. If you are aware of them then you are prepared for them and they will not affect you as much. The 2 biggest complaints you will hear of, and experience, are crowds and food prices.

    I would say that DLR is much busier than it was when you last visited. The SoCal AP program and the monthly payment system have bumped up the number of people who are likely to visit on any given day. There are fewer "off season" periods during the year. April will probably be pretty busy. Be ready for it and study up on the Fastpass system if you need to.

    Food will be expensive. You will probably spend close to $10-$15/person per meal. For a family your size that really adds up fast.

    I hope you will do a trip report! I'd love to hear about your trip.

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    Re: I don't think I should be concerned... or should I?

    So many good points in here and I appreciate all of the different points of view! As varied as they are, they are like opinions, and we all know what they say about those!

    Obviously from the vast majority of the comments here, even the folks who have some trouble with aspects of the parks, still enjoy the experience enough to return again and again. I can't say that I've read one comment where someone has said "I'm never going back to THAT place again!" It just shows me how much Disneyland still means to people.

    I am most certainly looking forward to this trip and actually now KNOW that we will not be disappointed. I will also be trying my hardest to put a trip report together, as long as I don't get too wrapped up in the fun and forget to take pictures!

    Thanks Micechatters!

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