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    Re: ideas for new land or area in Disneyland?

    Just an observation, and I know it's better to suspend reality for this thread, but the yellow area houses some of the most important maintenance buildings in the park. There's a lot of heavy industrial machinery (some custom built for Disneyland) that probably couldn't be moved to another location without some serious ingenuity.

    I love the ideas though! Mine would be to turn the Fantasyland Theater/Big Thunder Ranch area into an "Indiana Jones" themed land. Perhaps even putting "The Temple of Peril" somewhere there.
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    Re: ideas for new land or area in Disneyland?

    I know this would never happen, but I'd love to see them build an area like 19th century England. I suppose it could be similar in some ways to Epcot's United Kingdom pavilion. However, this one would have several large scale animatronic rides, and would focus heavily on Britain's wealth of literary works. Attractions based on H.G. Wells' work, Sherlock Holmes, Tolkein, Shakespeare, etc. I realize the UK is represented elsewhere in the park, but I think this would work as a way of transporting guests to another place and time. They could even call it the United Magic Kingdom.

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    Re: ideas for new land or area in Disneyland?

    I always imagined they tear down Tom Sawyer island and put in the 100 Acre Wood which would go well near critter country and frontier land and they should totally eliminate The Princess Theatre and the picnic barbeque area over there is definitely some dead space.

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