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    Tear Down The Walls...

    live breaking news the walls are down

    Not sure if anyone's posted this yet.

    Finally. Those walls were hideous. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds in the next few months.

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    Re: Tear Down The Walls...

    Wow it looks soo's funny how I can't wait to walk in an area that is made for kids..don't care still cant wait to get my Beast Cup!!!

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    Re: Tear Down The Walls...

    looks cool can't wait to check it out and get pictures! I want my special cups!

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    Re: Tear Down The Walls...

    I wish someone could post a picture from near the Partners statue so we could tell how visible this is from Main Street.
    "You can cut me off from the civilized world. You can incarcerate me with two moronic cellmates. You can torture me with your thrice daily swill, but you cannot break the spirit of a Winchester. My voice shall be heard from this wilderness and I shall be delivered from this fetid and festering sewer."

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