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    Re: Is Disney so related to Starbucks that it will take over as the Disney coffee.

    Quote Originally Posted by jsmith11618 View Post
    Starbucks is just one brand of many that have been in the parks, and even back in the day other corporate brands were visible.

    Take a look at this map, its pretty in your face. Sunkist also had a store of some sort on Main Street as well.
    Hey thanks for that link! Sunkist was also on in Adventureland where the current Bengal Barbeque is. Not only that but Sunkist also supplied all the orange juice to the park's restaurants and mixed up the Jungle Julep sold at Sunkist I Presume and at the Tahitian Terrace. Sunkist location employees started their shifts as early as 4am just to squeeze the oranges to do all of this.

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    Re: Is Disney so related to Starbucks that it will take over as the Disney coffee.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mortgageman View Post
    That's cool, I understand.

    And my point was that having Starbucks provide coffee for the parks is nothing different from what has been going on from day one with lots of other brands. Again, as far as I know Disney has it's hands in quite a few different businesses but coffee is not one of them. Someone has to provide the coffee to the parks.
    could of been anyone company tho, it could have been folgers, Dunkin Donuts, Gloria jean,Green Mountain,Ily, or kraft and btw kraft owns these companies of coffee:

    Jacobs Coffee, Gevalia, Kenco, Maxwell House, Yuban, Nabob, General Foods International, Sanka, Tassimo

    so it could of been anyone one of those also.. gawd forbid it was yuban.. so i think the overall pick of starbucks is WAY better then the choices that are out there

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    Re: Is Disney so related to Starbucks that it will take over as the Disney coffee.

    It's the difference between the sign saying "Market House" and selling coffee by whatever, and having the cafe in DCA, with "Starbucks" in great big letters on the sign. Yes, it's what the marketers want, but as a guest, I'm annoyed by it being so much more in my face than it used to feel. It didn't used to feel so screamingly obvious.

    It feels like a mall now, instead of a theme park.
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    Re: Is Disney so related to Starbucks that it will take over as the Disney coffee.

    I personally don't think Starbucks is all that great, but hey, I was happy with the old stuff!
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    Re: Is Disney so related to Starbucks that it will take over as the Disney coffee.

    Quote Originally Posted by alphabassetgrrl View Post
    Maybe it's me not paying attention, but I don't remember seeing the brand name for Nescafe. But Starbucks is branded loud and clear.
    The key difference here is that a lot of people like Starbucks while no one (relatively speaking) liked Nescafé.

    If you have a partnership with the biggest coffee chain in the world you don't want to hide that away. If you have a partnership with generic grocery store crap… well it might make sense to limit visibility.

    In the end, though, I get what you're saying, but I don't totally agree. Branding and sponsorship has always been a part of the Disney legacy. The Monsanto House of the Future, the General Electric Carousel of Progres, The Enchanted Tiki Room with Dole commercials in the pre-show area, an AT&T payphone at the exit of Indiana Jones Adventure, Star Tours presented by M&M, or was it Energizer?

    If anything, sponsorship has gone down when it comes to attractions; these days very few attractions have a corporate sponsorship where in prior decades most did. I'd argue that sponsorship of food products is less intrusive than attraction sponsorships, because when I'm paying $6 for a coffee I'm keenly aware that I'm a victim of corporate business. At least now they have the decency to charge me $6 for decent coffee rather than the god-awful variety.

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