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    Radiator Springs Racers pre-park-opening question

    A guy at my work is going to Disneyland next week for the first time in like 20 years, and knowing what a Disney nerd I am, has been asking me all sorts of questions, which I have easily answered for him. Except one. He said he heard from another Disney nerd that, before the park opens at DCA and everyone is lined up to get in the gates, that there is a line specifically for Radiator Springs Racers, and if you're in that line when the park opens, you go straight to the ride. I was stumped. I want to say it doesn't exist, but it also sounds completely feasible. So I told him I would check my sources. Which is you guys right here. So is there any truth to this?

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    Re: Radiator Springs Racers pre-park-opening question

    I know about before the entrance, but when you enter the park into Buena Vista Street, before the rope drop, there is alone for Fastpasses, near the Bugs Life Theatre
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    Re: Radiator Springs Racers pre-park-opening question

    There is no line specifically for Cars Land outside of the gates. As far as I am aware it's just your responsibility to make your way to Cars Land as soon as possible.
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    Re: Radiator Springs Racers pre-park-opening question

    I think the only advantage they had (and I'm not sure if they're still doing this, anyone?) is some early entry for people staying at the Disney Owned Hotels... basically you can get to the fastpass machines before the main gates by going through the Grand Californian Entrance.

    But for the most part as long as you are there at opening, getting a fastpass isn't too hard, but if you arive a couple hours after opening... unless it's a dead day... forget it.

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    Re: Radiator Springs Racers pre-park-opening question

    Basically what happens at rope drop is they slowly walk people over to carsland and RSR to prevent running and total chaos. It's not an actual line, just controlled moving of people. The best way to get as close as possible to the front is to stay to the right from rope drop through cars land since they funnel everyone over to the right. There is an actual line for fast passes that forms before rope drop, if that's that he is interested in.

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    Re: Radiator Springs Racers pre-park-opening question

    CassiefRN has the correct information. Also to clarify, there is no line at the gate, on almost everyday the gates open early to let people into the front of the park. This is commonly referred to as Rope Drop. They from a crowd at the ropes to the different lands. Including the rope strait ahead on thepath that goes by the Rte 66, main, entrance of Carsland.

    Below is a reply about getting FP druing the Rope Drop.

    CassiefRN is correct FPs are not distributed until normal opening. Let's say the park opens at 9am. EMH starts at 8am. Rope Drop may allow regular guests in at 8:30am.

    The regular guests from a line for FPs in front of the Carthay Theatre the winds back into Hollywood Land during the Rope Drop. The EMH guests form their own line in front behind the FP distribution area going back toward Carthay Theatre druing the EMH. At opening 9am for this example, the FP kiosks open, the regular guests are led up to the end of the EMH guests. In about 10-20 minute the EMH guests all have their FPs and the regular guests are getting there's. In 1.5-2 hours, 11am they are all distributed.

    So you can get at the front of the FP line for reguar guests and wait 30 minutes during the Rope Drop, and another 10-15, and have FP for a return around about noon.
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