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    Single rider at RSR (and other rides)

    Will the single rider line be open at RSR right from opening? Is it still necessary to be one of the first people there is you plan to use single rider? My daughter and I both want to ride but we'll be taking turns so that someone can stay with the toddler.

    Do all the other single rider lines open right away as well?


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    Re: Single rider at RSR (and other rides)

    I think it will be
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    Re: Single rider at RSR (and other rides)

    I've used it first thing in the morning. It is the best way to go!

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    Re: Single rider at RSR (and other rides)

    Single Rider lines open when the ride is opened as far as I'm aware.
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    Re: Single rider at RSR (and other rides)

    It is usually open first thing in the morning. They will some times shut it down later in the day if it gets too long and reopen it later, but that was mostly during the busy season. I'm not sure if they have been don't that recently. I went a few weeks ago and it was an early entry day but single rider line was empty! I walked right on!

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    Re: Single rider at RSR (and other rides)

    I don't know if they would do kid swap in the single rider line. it may take some adjustments by the loaders since riders exit on the opposite side of the line. maybe hand the kid over when the second adult enters the ride?

    edit: I may have misinterpreted the original post. they may have been talking about waiting in line separately, not doing kid swap

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