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    Buying a 3day Park hopper (with issues) just to upgrade


    This is my first post here and I had a quick question about upgrading a park hopper.

    I found an unused 3-day park hopper for sale, however the first day of use was supposed to be used feb 26 which makes the 3-day hopper invalid. It also says that the park hopper expires March 11, 2013 which is coming up. I was wondering if I buy it, at a really low price, would I be able to upgrade it to an annual pass with the given conditions? Will I need any info from the guy in order to upgrade it? any advice would help


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    Re: Buying a 3day Park hopper (with issues) just to upgrade


    This is why Disney now requires photo ID for all multiday passes, because of "scalpers" selling unused or partially used tickets online etc.

    Tickets are non transferable, and if you buy them from places like eBay, Craigs list etc those tickets are not valid by Disney rules.

    MiceChat does not condone or encourage the use of tickets that violate Disney written policy, and we don't allow the discussion of exchange of ticket media by any other means than someone purchasing them through legitimate means, therefore this thread will be closed.


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