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    Re: Annual Pass cards

    Quote Originally Posted by gary94080 View Post
    I just got my new card in the mail and it has an expiration date on it and a big "P".

    no Disney "D" in sight.
    Quote Originally Posted by explodingboy View Post
    The Premium is the only pass that has the "D" on it.
    yes, the premium pass has been marked with a big "P". and mine has an expiration date on it. so I am saying that the "old" style cards are still being issued.

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    Re: Annual Pass cards

    Quote Originally Posted by calsig31 View Post
    I just put my stuff on the counter without paying attention to what side of the card is up. If the side that they need happens to be up, then great. If not, the worker knows what side they need, they are free to pick it up and turn it to whatever side interests them. Really, why should the paying customer have to worry about it?
    In that situation, yes. It's understandable. But I have had guests actively reach in and flip the card back to the art side. That's when it gets rude and annoying.

    Quote Originally Posted by sgtfox View Post
    That would crack me up if they demanded I present my ID face up to them so they didn't have to flip it. I suppose I would probably do something similar in return, like demand they present my change in proper bank-faced ascending denominations spread out on the counter for visibility before I accept it.
    Well, seeing as proper bank face is how you are supposed to be trained when handling cash... I know my drawer was always neat. And yes, I would count it back and fan it out like a casino when making change.

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    Re: Annual Pass cards

    Nothing really meaningful to add here other than I just recently got my new pass as well. I do miss the days of different card designs and wish they'd offer something new but the ticket booth cast member did mention this new card would stay with me, even through another renewal because the resort is trying to be "greener". I'll sort of miss seeing the expiration date (silent reminder I need to get ready to fork over some more money) but I do like that my name is larger and more prominent now.

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