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    Dave Omel passed away

    Somebody will surely know more about his Disney connection than I do. Dave Omel, former Disneyland Executive passed away March 7. He suffered a heart attack while driving and slammed into a parked car. He was a friend of my father.

    A little background from his business website:
    <quote>Dave Omel, a native of Long Beach, California retired from The Walt Disney Company after 30 years of service. Dave held many positions throughout the Disney organization but was best known as the Director and General Manager of Disneyland Park. Dave's first car was a 1971 VW beetle, and since then has had many different VW models including his favorites: 1966 Sundial camper, 1966 double cab, and 1966 Deluxe bus. Currently, Dave enjoys driving his 36 horse-powered 1959 Ghia while his 1961 SO23 waits in line to be brought back to life. Aside from Eddy and Dave's Garage, Dave is the Vice President of VisionMaker, a company dedicated to building theme parks and resorts worldwide.</quote>
    Well, I think you're crazy, I think you're crazy, I think you're crazy, just like me.

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    Re: Dave Omel passed away

    Very sad! RIP.

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    Re: Dave Omel passed away

    Dave was an amazing leader who was known for his quick smile and his passion for guest service. He had a smile and a friendly "Hello" to all of the Cast Members of the Disneyland Resort (not just his own).

    If you asked him how things were going, he would always reply "Couldn't be better!!!". And the thing about it was, he totally was telling the truth.

    Dave left the Resort in 2002 after more than 30 years of service. A testament to his popularity with all of the cast that new him is that when news of his passing hit DLR, you could feel the shockwave spreading everywhere.

    We all loved him. We all will miss him.

    He needs a window on Main Street.


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    Re: Dave Omel passed away

    So sad. He sounds like a wonderful man and truly special Disneyland leader. My thoughts are with his family and his friends.

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    Re: Dave Omel passed away

    Many old timers had to leave work early the day this news arrived a few weeks ago. It was not a good day to be a Disneylander.

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