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    Re: Vmk

    the top picture is from the hub where people would meet at the end of the day to line dance-
    the bottom picture is from the esplanade.
    YOu could stroll down Town square, Main street, the hub, visit the market house for a checkers game, go to different lands like Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland, Big thunder trail, New Orleans Square, etc.

    I had a good group of friends on that game. We met in person at Disneyland in October 2005 to take the VMK tour and buy VMK stuff. There were about 20 of us. It was the BEST time I ever had at Disneyland. I miss those friends so much. I knew several hosts and CL's in rl. I miss the mini-games where you could suck up the ghosts in the haunted mansion ala ghost busters, or sail the seven seas and bomb your competitors in the Pirates of the Carribean game. Fantasyland had actual rides like Peter Pan. You could collect rooms and items yourself and build rides, walk throughs, recreate famous disney landmarks. One of the last things I did was make Sorcerer Mickey hat from blue theater seats and star boxes. Not to mention that you could see a visual representation of the Matterhorn, Cinderella's castle, stroll through Rivers of America or New orleans square. At the end of the day though it was all about socializing and friend making.

    One of my favorite mini games was taking pictures of random animals to score points on the Jungle Cruise game.
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    Re: Vmk

    Whenever we ride Pirates of the Caribbean and we drop into the first scene, my boyfriend always says, "trade for bird hat?". lol
    It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".

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    Re: Vmk

    I miss it!! Ah the quests, and pins, and limited edition costumes and hats, and magic, and rooms, and trading and EVERYTHING! I still really miss it and think about it from time to time. Whenever I need a fix, I visit THIS SITE. Thank you a million to whoever made it because it's an awesome homage to a great game.

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    Re: Vmk

    I miss VMK so much; that game was amazing.
    I was PrincessSofia (ironic with the new Disney Junior show, no?)
    I wish they'd bring something like it back; it was really great.

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    Re: Vmk

    There's a game for the XBOX360 called Disneyland Adventures that looks like it would be fun for my Disneyland fix, and I don't play video games. It's basically a virtual walk through of the park. Problem is, you need an XBOX and a Kinect to play, might as well just put that money towards my annual pass! Kinect Disneyland Adventures: Video Games

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