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Thread: Bag to take?

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    Bag to take?

    What is the easiest type bag to take when you have a 4year old and a 20 month old. One in diapers. We'll have a stroller most likely as well. I am looking for the most ergonomic option. what have others done?

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    Re: Bag to take?

    Back packs have always been a great will always leave your hands free and you can wrap the arm strap around the handle of the stroller of your not wearing it..

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    Re: Bag to take?

    I take my 3 year, and 1 year old with a backpack; for the day 5-6 diapers, wipes, one cup per each, 2 bottles of water, the babys meals like 4 baby foods, and their few snacks, maybe one toy each (though I try to leave those home if I can.) We buy meals for our oldest. Dont take more than you need it will still be relatively light, ^ hands free. there is usually space to stuff blankets/coats. Disneys Baby center is stocked with lots of stuff if you need/forgot anything. So if you dont want to bring anything, you can go over there and by as you need.... if you really wanted to lol
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