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    When to Apply to Work at Disneyland?

    Hi! So I'm 18, and I'll be graduating high school this June. I really want to get a job as a cast member this summer at Disneyland. So when should I apply? Do I apply now and tell them I can't start working until mid June? And how do I apply online? I remember there used to a be a link on the Disneyland site that took you to apply for jobs at the resort, but now I can only find a link for corporate jobs.

    And I'll be starting college near Disneyland in the fall, and if I worked as a cast member, how accommodating is DL of class schedules? And will they keep me come fall, or only hire me for the summer?

    Thanks to everyone who answers

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    Re: When to Apply to Work at Disneyland?

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    Re: When to Apply to Work at Disneyland?

    Apply now. Tell them when you can and can't work. Because crowds generally follow school schedules it's not a big deal. You can work full time in the summer, and then possibly weekends in the Fall, and maybe full time over Thanksgiving and Christmas Break.
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