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    Pay Attention, Disneyland!

    I found this article really interesting... McDonald’s Fires Volley at ‘Underground’ Competitor | The Exchange - Yahoo! Finance.

    No, what's happening to McDonald's is not the exact same thing, but it does speak to staples of the American experience becoming less relevant with upcoming generations. Disneyland and Disney generally seem to counting on continuing to create fans from birth. They're investing more and more in the same model: Give the public what it wants and charge more and more for it.

    But I wonder if DL and D decision makers are paying attention to the swelling tide of parents and adults who are coming to the opinion that the cost of the DL and D experience is too high. For many people, it's become tantamount to money-grubbing and usury. Yes, many people are still willing to pay the price, but I feel the tide turning. Maybe my experience is unique, but we've gone from 100% of my extended family having passes (12 of us) to none of us having passes. And it's not that we can't afford it. It's that we don't believe the value is there anymore. I know many people on here believe the value is still great, even at today's prices. For us, though, it's not.

    So the point... Just as many millennials have decided that McDonald's is not their first choice for a quick meal due to the availability of other options, messages from authorities, etc., DL can very quickly become a second or third choice. Again, the messages the younger generation in my family is hearing is "DL is not worth it." That's a message they will internalize. I don't think they're unique. And the literature and markers indicate that this is and will be a generation that is more consumer savvy than past generations. I think DL is making decisions that will have detrimental effects in the long term.

    Meanwhile, my nieces and nephews are finding out that there are many other fun things to do in Southern California that are a better value. They're experiencing theater, concerts, museums and civic events when the Saturday/Sunday default used to be "go to DL." So really, maybe DL's decisions to continue to ramp up pricing is a good thing in the big picture.

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    Re: Pay Attention, Disneyland!

    Unfortunately, 2012 saw record attendance at the parks. Clearly Disneyland isn't going to be choice #2 or 3 any time soon.

    What's going to happen (within a decade or two) is Disneyland is going to price itself out of a lot of common wage earners spending parameters.

    Just wait until Fast Passes are only given to guests paying an extra premium for them.

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    Re: Pay Attention, Disneyland!

    It's economics, sell less of a product at higher prices there is more profit, also the people who do buy the product enjoy it more since there are less crowds. Kinda sucks but I can't blame Disney, it makes sense. If they made their tickets super affordable the parks would constantly be crowded making it a bad experience for everyone, and also there would be less profits which could be less expansions or expansions of lesser quality in the parks.

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