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Thread: Club 33

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    Club 33

    Does anyone know how a person may be able to get in touch with anyone who may be able to help me get in here for my 32 Birthday?

    Just so happens we will be spending it at The Magical Place this year and I would love to try and get in here as we don't get out to California too often

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    Re: Club 33

    Good luck, you never know! When are you headed to the Magical Place?
    If you see a cute yellow lab puppy with a yellow cape, WAVE! It might be us! (Or it may be someone else that lurks here!) Thank you for asking before you pet! Next trip, Dec 22-Jan 3rd.

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    Re: Club 33

    Are you getting Club 33 confused with the Magic Castle? Both places are near impossible to get into unless you are a member or know somebody.

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    Re: Club 33

    The best way to get into Club 33 is to purchase a membership. Start saving your pennies!!!
    For those of you that are curious about my wedding:

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